Old Forge, Pennsylvania, USA
BandChristianAdult Contemporary

Our band has a sound for everyone. We play Contemporary christian rock, in a variety of different styles. Classic Rock, Blues, Country and Latin to name a few. Our band loves the Lord and we use music to honor Him.


Our band Breakfree has one goal, to minister Gods word, play and sing from our hearts and prayfully see people set free from addictions, bondages, fear, by the power of God and see them rise up to what God has called them to do and be! Our symbol is the butterfly because a caterpillar is wrapped in a cocoon until it becomes a butterfly and breaksfree from that cocoon to become a new creation! We believe thats what God has for everyone!!


We released to the public, our cd Cross at Calvary in March of 2006.

Set List

Our set list includes all the songs off our Cross at Calvary cd and we do covers from other christian artists. Our sets are usually 45 minutes long and we do about 10 to 12 songs a set. Our cover songs vary from different artists. Set list varys every time we play.