Break Her Fall

Break Her Fall


Break Her Fall is an acoustic rock band with positive highs and introspective lows. On stage they bring in guest musicians to keep it interesting and this band is built and held together by love for the project and the goodness that it brings.


“Without meaning we are feeble,” suggests Ryan Olson, lead singer and guitarist of San Diego based acoustic rock band, Break Her Fall. It was a phrase he took to heart when he set out to create a band that -for the first time- embodied his own philosophies. “It suddenly dawned on me that if I didn’t give a voice to what’s been swimming around in my head, I would soon regret it.” Starting an acoustic project was a concept he tooled around with for years while playing guitar with other local rock bands. What he didn’t expect was linking up with other musicians so quickly to form Break Her Fall.

Ryan posted an ad for a drummer in local classifieds and was soon contacted by Kevin Scully. They met and jammed at Spotless Rehearsal studio in Ocean Beach. “I had about three complete songs at that point and a mess of partially constructed jams, but Kevin was already running with it. I especially appreciated his ability to evoke so much personality using a smaller drum kit,” explained Ryan. After Kevin agreed to join, Ryan was freshly inspired and began working hard to compose a more complete set of songs.

About three weeks later he auditioned bassist -and old friend- Matt Campbell. “He did so well I asked him to join right then,” said Ryan. The two of them met in high school and nearly a decade later, Matt completed the three piece line up of Break Her Fall.

The band was named after a Pearl Jam song Breakerfall. “The song is about a girl standing on a ledge ready to jump because she is lost and has no one to turn to. The chorus just repeats, only love can break her fall. It just fits what I’m trying to say with this band.” Ryan described.

With a name and line up accomplished, the trio set out to record their first five song EP, entitled New Ancient, which represents a collection of cassette tapes containing years of Ryan’s early to current song styles. Before hitting the actual studio, Break Her Fall played several shows around San Diego to refine the overall band chemistry and to let the songs mature before being recorded. “Playing live is our saving grace, no matter how rocky the music industry may be, nothing can replace the experience of live music,” says Ryan.


1. New Ancient
2. One Becomes Two
3. In Your Head

Set List

Break Her Fall plays all originals and has about a 50 minute to 1 hour set.

1. New Ancient
2. One Becomes Two
3. Alanna
4. Run Out of Town
5. In Your Head
6. This is Love
7. The Airport Song
8. Please Believe
9. Seven Brothers
10. Into Misery
11. Thinking Chamber
12. I Shouldn't Be Here
13. Radio Stream
14. Say Goodnight