Breaking Glass

Breaking Glass

 Sacramento, California, USA

Breaking Glass is influenced by the glam rock sound of 70's era bowie and the early 90's britpop sound of suede, placebo and pulp, with the emotional rawness of jeff buckly and u2.


Breaking Glass has been performing since November of 2009, in a years time they have managed to build up a large and loyal fanbase. They now headline most shows they are on, and always put on a performance full of theater and intense emotion. Described as a "glam'ed up Jeff Buckley by some" and "David Bowie meets the Cure" by others, they still insist they have no interest in being part of a particular genre, they simply want to perform music they love.

The recently released their extremely anticipated first E.P. entitled "Dancing on Quicksand" which has been receiving rave reviews by fans and press.


2010 - Dancing on Quicksand