Breakline is a high energy rock/alternative band. We have played with Gin Blossoms,Brooke Hogan,etc. Breakline has a large following and is well known in the Midwest.We are looking to branch out into the East in late January-February!


Breakline rocks an eclectic selection of rock and alternative music from bands like seether and 3 doors down to motley crue and kiss. They exploded on to the local music scene in 2006 and has led a rock n roll revolution throughout Ohio. Breakline has played with these musicians : The Gin Blossoms, Brooke Hogan, The Godz, Firehouse, Tesla, Hinder and many more. Their original music brings a whole new sound to todays listeners.


Lies, Not so bad, Situation, Held Down, Obvious, Borderline Saint.

Set List

We have originals, and an eclectic set list of rock covers. We can jam up to 5 hours.