Break of Reality

Break of Reality

 New York City, New York, USA

Cello quartet gone mad.


Break of Reality has been applauded for their “genuine technique”, and their ability to “rock out like they mean it.” (Time Out New York). Their sound has been described as having “excitement, originality, and an undeniable intensity that louder, heavier bands only dream of. Break of Reality is going to win a Grammy someday. Bank on it.” (Rochester City Newspaper).

Break of Reality is a cello rock band originally formed at the Eastman School of Music in 2003. The band is filling concert venues around the country with fans eager to hear their original music, as well as interpretations of music by Tool, Metallica, and System of a Down. Their sound is cinematic, subdued and heavy all at once, and their live audiences are equally diverse; fans of Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, and Yo-Yo Ma are finally getting acquainted.

Break of Reality has given hundreds of performances across the country at performing arts centers, colleges, rock clubs, and music festivals such as South By Southwest in Austin, TX. Along with performing, the group’s original music has been featured in national television programs, including Dateline NBC and America’s Investigative Reports on PBS, which went on to win an Emmy.

Through their affiliation with Pandora Radio, Break of Reality’s music has been streamed by millions of listeners around the U.S. The band’s three albums, The Sound Between (2006), Spectrum of the Sky (2009), and Covers (2012), have sold over 40,000 copies worldwide.

The band is committed to music education, having performed at hundreds of public schools across the country, encouraging music students to explore all types of genres on their instruments. The band is also committed to music entrepreneurship, and has developed the Break of Reality DIY Lecture Series, which was designed to empower budding classical musicians with practical, real world music business knowledge.


Covers - released 2012

Spectrum of the Sky - released May 2009

The Sound Between (released, dual disc) - released December 2006

The Sound Between - released March 2006

Set List

Sample Set List (songs switch between having drums and african drum):

1. The Farewell (original)
2. The Accidental Death of Effie (original)
3. Vintage (Original)
4. Game of Thrones Cover
5. Solid Ground (Original)
6. Circles (original)


7. B.Y.O.B. (System of a Down)
8. Spectrum of the Sky (original)
9. My Curse (Killswitch Engage)
10. Parabolic (original)
11. Lateralus (Tool)