Breakpoint is a dynamic acoustic duo out of Fremont with a knack for catchy melodies and honest lyrics that aren’t always about tortured breakups. -zero magazine


The fuel that Breakpoint continuiously turns toflame is their determination to set their hometown's
once promising future to be the next hollywood back into motion. Founders Brent Walsh and Ian Pedigo grew up in Niles CA., a district in the SF bay area, where the likes of Charlie Chaplin used to roam and where many black and white films embarked in silent comedy. After being thrown from the map for a bigger and better socal location, the once famed town collapsed into bitter normalcy. Now, this two-some of indie-acoustic rockers, using vivacious storytelling, pin-point harmonies and the catchiest of melodies, seek to return their towns forgetten name back into the mouths of rock-lovers and gossipers alike. After 4 years, 4 bassists, 2 drummers, countless songs, and a few changes of identity, Walsh and Pedigo dropped a promising college career for a chance to tour Cali with friends Cold Hot Crash and have since recorded their REAL debut album which inlcludes upbeat songs of lust, mafia storys, fabled killers, flaws with modern medicine, and ofcourse road trip sing-alongs, all delivered with witty straight foreward vocals.The all but typical, all acoustic debut portrays a perfect balance between catchy, uptempo indie-rockand melo-dramatic, heart-tugging balads. Yet, even with the occasional 6 part harmony or piano/trumpet accompaniment, the album still manages to lack the thin, mellencholy feel of an acoustic act. On the contrary, it delivers a full dose of rock-pop ear candy destined to remain floating inside your head even as you sleep.Armed with an aresenal of rythem based and melody driven storys and a live show to be envied, Breakpoint sets out to do what that Hitler mustache-wearing Charlie Chaplin could not and make a name for their antique store-ridden town. With help from Bright Antenna records in Berkeley Ca., and producer Sep Valizedeh who discovered Walsh and Pedigo playing an open mic two years ago. Breakpoint has shared the stage with the likes of Sugarcult (MTV), Audrye Sessions and Ours, Breakpoint is making plans to tour the U.S. in their black and green pin striped mercedes station wagon apply named "heff." "Its the only one of its kind. 300 Turbo Deisel. If you see us on the streets, show us your boobs." -Breakpoint


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