Breaks and Swells

Breaks and Swells

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Breaks and Swells will make you move. Dig.


     Breaks & Swells are the Seattle embodiment of soul revival. A nine-piece group, complete with horns and aux percussion. Think soul. Think funk.  In collaboration since 2012, intent on making even the most stoic of hipsters dance and boogie.  They've been cutting a rug all over Seattle, including sold out shows at Barboza, Capitol Hill Block Party, High Dive with the Staxx Brothers and DUG! at LOFI.

Having just released their self titled EP, recorded at Robert Lang studios and engineered by Austin Sousa and Ian LeSage of The Vault and mixed by Jerry Tubb of Terra Nova in Austin, Breaks and swells is ready to tear up the tour circuit.  Also finishing their full length album, which will be released early next year, Breaks and Swells is not only becoming a force in and around the Seattle area, but has their sights set on becoming a national act.

     So do yourself a favor and see what Breaks and Swells is all about.  You'll be shaking your head and tapping your toe.  Believe that.

Marquetta Miller - Vox

Dylon Tubb - Guitar

Kevin Cluppert - Bass

Derrick Jones - Drum set

Quinton Harris - Keys

Jeremy Shaskus - Sax

Shawn Mickelson - Trumpet

Andy Rosenberg - Sax

Raphe Boehme - Auxiliary Percussion 


King of Hearts/Burning - Groove-O-matic records "45 (2013)
Wake Up / Be My Man - Self released singles, Robert Lang Studios, Austin Sousa (2014)