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"Breathe Endorsement"

Dear Colleague

Pink Floyd Tribute Band – “Breathe”

We have been watching “Breathe” develop their set over the past 18 months – during which time they have continually refined the musical arrangements and improved their performance through a deliberate evolution of musicians and technical support.
The end result is now a rich audience experience of a very authentic reproduction of the original recordings – accompanied by a high quality PA and lighting system. The technical support is an integral part of the band which provides the benefit of continuity in both sound balance and lighting script.
Although great musicianship and technical competence are a key requirement of any professional show, the real plus factor, in our opinion, is that “Breathe” deliver both the sound and spirit of Pink Floyd with a passion and emotion that cannot fail to provide audiences with the ‘WOW’ factor.
David Gee, who runs the show, has a musical track record that is beyond question and has always demonstrated to us the highest standards of professionalism that the music business demands. He is always a pleasure to work with, and we have no hesitation in recommending “Breathe” to any event organiser who is fortunate enough to book them.

Please contact me direct, should you require any further information.

Yours Sincerely

Dutch Van Spall
Managing Director
Big Help Management

01926 614640
07782 172101
dutchonskype - Big Help Management

"From Promotions Co. Britpop"

"Breathe" literally took our breath away. Their attention to detail was superb beginning with a quasi-theatrical interpretation of 'The Wall' (with a nod to the film version). The set up of the band, two keyboards two guitarist and two drummers, ensured no detail was left out.

As Jill mentally and physically prepared for the ‘Great gig in the sky’ (almost like watching an Olympic athlete waiting at the starting blocks) someone was heard to say ‘well this will be the test’. Three standing ovations later and the hairs standing up on the back of my neck are a testament to the highlight to the evening – I hope the band have her well insured.
As Pete the singer rounded off the evening by introducing the band in the middle of ‘Comfortable numb’ it was interesting to see the two guitarists (Andy and Doug) discuss who was going to play the final guitar lead – no egos there ‘Its you – not its your turn – are you sure- oh Ok then’.
For those who now wish they were there you will be pleased to read that preparations are underway to bring the band back and hopefully a bigger show with lasers and possibly school kids helping out on ‘Another Brick’.
Next time there will be standing room only.
Sean - Sean Hodgson


Still working on that hot first release.



What do you get when you pull together a group of seasoned musicians and an experienced road-crew who share a common passion for one of, if not the most, influential rock bands in the world?

The Breathe performance is presented as a self-contained show using a mix of Modern Technology, definitive arrangements, passion and "Good Old-Fashioned Musicianship" without any backing tracks.

Given the space to set up our instruments we are happy to perform in the widest range of venues.

Our Mission is To deliver an engaging and credible performance that is dedicated to recreating the sights and sounds of the various incarnations of Pink Floyd.

Gigging out with up to eight players in the on-stage team we are able to recreate many of the textures & layers that are to be found in Pink Floyd's post 1970's work & this is therefore our main focus; also we are unashamedly disciplined (don't worry, this doesn't mean we can't have a laugh) in our arrangements (anyone who has performed in a large ensemble will tell you that "it's the only way!"), however each player delivers with their own "unique" passion & personal slant; a true CELEBRATION of the music that we love.