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HIP HOP!!!!!


Martin Jose Taveras a.k.a. Breathe Life was born in Miami, Florida on August 4, 1980 to a Colombian Mother, Dominican Father and Two Sisters. Martins Lifestyle was filled with latin culture growing up as a child. His older cousins from New York introduced 80's HipHop to Martin and he fell in love with the expression and sound of HipHop culture at an early age. In his childhood he was already kicking flows and Participating in school talent shows. Breathe's First mark in the industry was with Power 96 and Dj Laz. Breathe Linked with F.E.R.N and Dj Laz and dropped a hit jingle for Starburst. in 99 life also Recorded with C.I.D now known as Streetrunner Early in his Career


High off Life-Vol.1 mixtape, "Stay Fly" single

Set List

"Hip Hop", "Stay Fly", "ROLL ON", "Rub Ur Hands"
about 4 songs....