Breath for Penny

Breath for Penny


Success: Great music, happy fans, time under the lights and as much free beer as possible


Breath for Penny is a local Portland band, formed slowly over the last few years. They follow influences like Pink Floyd, Live, U2, Radio head, Collective Soul and have added an edgy, modern style of their own. The band, defined by their alternative-pop-classic-rock sound, has worked to become entertaining and faithful to the sounds that inspired them to pick up instruments in the first place. They play from a well-rounded list of originals and covers, most songs driven by guitar and gritty vocals.

You might mistake them for the boys next door, that’s because they are. Their clean cut stage presence makes them approachable, and their laid back attitude sets the tone for a captivating musical experience.

Time is short. For now, any amount of it spent beneath the lights, beer and guitars in hand, is a prize. Their compelling sound is not only entertaining, but you can feel a genuine appreciation for the experience within their performance.


Still in Progress: Will release a disc late summer.

Set List

Set List: (O) Original (C) Cover


-Burnside (O)
-Mandalay (O)
-Time (C)
-Pale (O)
-Stay for a While (O)
-January (O)
-Lost (O)
-Paint it Black (C)
-Catch Betty (O)
-Kill the Dime (O)
-Reason (O)
-Heros (O)
-Selling the Drama (C)
-I Should Have Called You (O)
-Little Cloud (O)