Breathing Seasons

Breathing Seasons

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Meditative visual landscapes full of orchestral, and cinematic tones. Breathing Seasons is about bringing people together, and spreading inspiration to others through a positive atmosphere of sound. Combining music, emotions, and nature into a visual/listening experience.


Breathing Seasons has been a project of mine since late 2009, i've always had a passion for ambient electronica ever since I heard bands like Boards Of Canada when I was younger. Other strong influences include cinematic, and orchestral music. I feel my music is different from other musicians in the sense that I try to collaborate many different genres to unite separate boundaries in music, and hopefully mix genres that a lot of people my age normally don't listen to. I love trying to embody some form of nature, and meditative states to create inner feelings, and imagery that each person can interpret in their own way.


From Above E.P Radio
Starlit Skies Radio

Set List

All original tracks:
.From Above
.One Way Down
.Light Generator