After Dynamic front man Chuck Willis sends chills down your back from his powerful delivery and emotional lyrics, you will realize Louisville, KY band BRECKINRIDGE has not only found the keys to terrific songwriting but they will smack you in the face with one of the most energetic live shows around


Originally formed in the summer of 99 the band formally known as Element H was faced with legal issues and forced to changed the name. They became Breckinridge in 2003. Breckinridge has become a major force in the music industry on many levels. Starting as a high school dream, member after member have fallen into place to form the band as it has been since 2001. With the final lineup in tact the band has set out to take themselves to the next level and beyond. They have continued to deliver both in their live show and the recording facets of their career.
World Renowned producer Malcolm Springer spotted the band while in Louisville and the combo has proved to be unstoppable ever since. With Malcolm’s touch and Breckinridge’s hook laden songs not to mention the incredible live show, Breckinridge has created a massive following averaging 700-1000 people at every show in Louisville KY and the surrounding regions. Breckinridge’s first single “Honesty” was recently put into heavy regular rotation on 100.5 wtfx. They soon had the most requested song via e-mail and phones and stayed in the top ten for 12 weeks. The song was also played in 50 different cities across America averaging 130 spins a week, making Breckinridge the first ever unsigned band to break into Billboard magazine. Shortly after, the single “Honesty” made the “heat seekers” chart. Following the trends of modern technology the band had been recently added to regular rotation on XM satellite radio as well as the first unsigned act to be added to’s I-Tunes roster. Giving the first single ”Honesty” world wide exposure.
In early 2003 Budweiser/ Anheuser-Busch picked up Breckinridge as a true music sponsored artist not only on a regional level but a national level providing them with funding, advertisement, merchandise, and product. Soon after Breckinridge signed on legendary entertainment lawyer Jim Zumwalt of Zumwalt, Almon & Hayes. Shortly after that Breckinridge signed with BMI publishing and performing rights.
How does Breckinridge have such a huge buzz? Breckinridge has been featured in such publications as Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Lexington Herald Leader, Courier Journal, Louisville Music News, The Ville, and the Louisville Eccentric Observer. They shared the stage with countless of very well known artists around the region. Also their highly touted street team consisting of diehard fans has over 700 members globally.
With all of these accomplishments, support and unprecedented major and independent label interest there is no doubt that the future holds great things for the band and everything they do.



Written By: Breckinridge

Is it okay if I break down and go insane, disgrace my name

'Cause I can't bear the pain, my face is showin' all my emotion

This mind of mine, don’t care, and it can’t feel, nothin' but despair

The fact is I believe that I don’t need, need you anyway


I can't take it back today

Is it gone again?

I don’t need your honesty

No, no I don’t need

I can’t live my life this way

Lord once again

So I don’t need your honesty

Honesty (2x)

It was all I could say, and all I could do

To show you I was hurtin'

I saw a tear fall from your blue eyes

And I turned my head

'Cause it was far

too late for all of that don't you see

see what you did



Oh no, I don't need it (3x)

Oh no

Is it okay if I break down and go insane, disgrace my name

I can’t take it back today

Is it gone again?

I don't need your honesty

I can't live my life this way, no

I don't need your honesty, no (3x)

All rights reserved. Breckinridge


"Honesty" Has been released nationaly and has received over 1000 BDS spins on rock radio across the country.

Set List

Breckinridge has a powerful arsenal of songs that they have been crafting for years. You will most likely be taken on the ride of your life as they give you every feeling in their show. With the most reacurring feeling of intense energy. Front man Chuck Willis has a way with comanding and controling crowds as the masses are entertained by a powerful live show. Songs you will most likely see in a Breckinridge set.

I Tried
Walk Away
Dont You Think
Face Lift