Breck Lee Durham

Breck Lee Durham

 Spring Creek, Nevada, USA

It's ragged, crunchy, dirty, dusty, independent, funky, loud and loose.
It's fun despite the cuts and bruises. It's homegrown but not illegal.
It may even cure what ails ya.
It's Rock and/or Roll.
You Choose.


Breck is from "somewhere else" and walks the tightrope between "a poet's heart and cynics eye."

Story goes he saw Elvis on TV at two years old and hasn't been right since. Outlaw and Honky Tonk country came out of the 8 track as a kid and his 3 older sisters kept a steady stream of 'classic' rock filling his head. Another big crossroads came when he first saw X and The Red Hot Chili Peppers on TV around '84(gotta love cable) and had his musical horizons expanded even more.

Breck got his first guitar at 11, played badly and intermittently in garage, storage shed and basement bands until he was 17, when he cut some tendons in his left hand (long, stupid story) and gave up playing until he was about 25. But Breck never really stopped writing and picked the guitar back up summer of '95. He has spent the last 15 years getting back into playing, cutting his teeth at open mics around the Phoenix, Tempe, Chandler area. He kept writing, playing and jamming where and when he could and now he's gone and self released "A Whisper or a Roar", a little collection of songs about some of the characters and craziness he's come across in his travels.


What Can I Say?

Written By: Breck Lee Durham

What Can I Say?- Music & Lyrics by Breck Lee Durham

If it's the truth, then it's the truth, no matter who is stating it.

And when it really hurts you, Man,ain't you just hating it?

But when that ass needs kicked. you wish you were kicking it.

And when the candy is sweet, you wish you were licking it

But when it's rotten, it's rotten down to the core. What can I say Howlin' Wolf ain't said before?

When the gold is gone, does it matter who was stealing it?

When the love is true, does it matter who is feeling it?

And if the word it moves you, it don't matter who was saying it.

If the groove is smooth, it don't matter who is playing it.

When it's that good, gotta have me some more. What can I say, Townes ain't said before?

In a whisper, or with a roar, what can I say Joan Jett ain't said before?

Once the secrets out, it don't matter who was leaking it.

If the knob needs a twist, will you be the one tweaking it?

Work it over, baby. Take it for a spin.

Work it 'til I'm stupid, shaky knees and sloppy grin.

Kick it in honey, strut across the floor.

What can I say Prince ain't said before?

When it's my time, brother, show me to the door.

What can I say, you all ain't heard before?

Opposites Attract

Written By: Breck Lee Durham

Attracting Opposites- Music & Lyrics by Breck Lee Durham

He’s addicted to the caffeine; she’s addicted to the danger

She’s just getting angry; and he keeps getting stranger

He’s says “Honey I’m done counting, and there’s one million scoundrels here.”

She says “Yeah, but baby we got ‘em cornered. See, they’re all just living in fear.”

It’s the fundamental differences that make the contrast so appealing

Like when you’re rollin’ and tumblin’, when you’re hustling and you’re dealing

She knows why she loves him; her fire is from his fuel

He’s just as crazy as they come, hell, he’s stronger than a mule

He never had a chance, lord no; his life was hers to lose

He went ass over heels, just as soon as she lit the fuse

It’s the fundamental differences that make the contrast so appealing

Like when you’re climbing up the walls

Or you’re swinging from the ceiling

Wolves at the door now

Barbarians at the gate

The meek inherit nothing

So let’s keep tempting fate

Treasure tempts the hand, like pleasure tempts the skin

Don’t be tempted to deny this fix that we are in

He says “Your ways are wanton.” She says “Honey, your techniques just right.”

You know there ain’t no shame at all in a healthy appetite

It’s the fundamental differences that make the contrast so appealing

You can call it borrowing, but I prefer straight stealing

Faster Than You Can See

Written By: Breck Lee Durham

Faster Than you Can See- Music & Lyrics by Breck Lee Durham

Laughin’ loud & drinkin’, Me-n-Hank-n-Horse

Can’t recall just who was steering, but we were right on course

Horse cocks an eye and says “Ain’t nothing sacred, not even death.

And if you can’t laugh at yourself, well you might as well save your breath.”

Never go and take yourself all that seriously

And never, no never, drive faster than you can see.

Had me a girl long ago with blue eyes and blonde hair

With her next to me, man I never had a care

I thought she was true but you know she was the lying kind

And when she did me wrong man, I nearly lost my mind

Headlong into love as blind as I could be

I guess that’s what I get for driving faster than I could see

Now Roger’s in the backseat, on a blackout drunk

I got a couple boxes of shells and some shotguns in the trunk

So give me two packs of death and another can o’ cancer

We’re gonna go and shoot at the moon ‘til the stars give us an answer

Well Mama was a waitress and my Dad sailed the seas

I got my Mama’s eyes and just like Dad, I’m hard to please

Now I’m no one’s son but I know just who I am

I’ll tell you the little I know and I’ll do the very best I can

Written on a bathroom wall is the only advice ever given me

To thy own self be true, and never drive faster than you can see


Album- "A Whisper or A Roar"
Singles- "Honey Kicks", "Opposites Attract", "The Ballad of Johnny Gangster" on Jango Radio

Set List

Playing solo acoustic gigs at the moment.
Orginals make up about 75% of the set
covers include-
"Great Rain"- John Prine
"Jailer"- JJ Cale
"Long Black Veil"- Johnny Cash
"In The Pines" Leadbelly
Yesterday is Here"- Tom Waits
"Lungs"- Townes Van Zandt