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Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band World Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"By the lake"

By the shore of Jacarey lake Breculê releases the Vidas Volantes album, tonight at 19h, at Theatro José de Alencar. The band`s first record goes trough samba and choro to maracatu.

The samba by Jacarei lake was the scenario of the first chords of Breculê . One day a phone call changed the Sunday routine of the neighborhood. Music student at Berklee , Boston , Pedro Fonseca , aka Xico , arrived from the United States for vacations and, as always, Brazilian music was taking place . Known to those samba habitues from school days , the journalist and musician Fábio Marques received the news and called other friends like guitarist Fabricio Rocha for next Sunday by the lake .

The story turned music. Second track on the disc , the composition Lake`s Samba was one of the first letters written by Fabio, 28, and portrays the relaxed and bohemian atmosphere at the origin of the band :

` Meu irmão, traz uma cerveja / assim não dá pra se concentrar / e arranja uma cremosa pra sambar... / Esquece aquela rede / Já não calha descansar / O samba está ...truando... / E a moçada pra chegar / Quem disse que domingo não foi feito pra cantar?``.

[brother bring me a beer / like that we can not focus / and bring us a creamy one for do the samba ... / Forget that hammock / its no time to rest / samba is ... going on ... / and the guys are about to come / who said Sunday was nota day for singing? ]

Between a samba and another , partnerships follow or over the internet and in person, like the title track of Vidas Volantes [something like Moving Life] . Inspired by the documentary Vilas Volantes (2005 ) , Ceará by filmmaker Alexandre Veras , about the history of coastal communities that had to move from original locations due to the movement of the dunes , the lyric was written by Fabio Marques in five minutes after hearing numerous times the melody exported by Pedro, 26 years.

After many sporadic compositions, three years ago they created the band and invited the musician and teacher Tulio Furtado , the bassist Milton Ferreira , the trumpeter Jordao Luz and percussionist Igor Caracas. Rehearsals have become routine for Breculê artists , always meeting at Fabio`s place. It began after the ciesta without time to end, being finished only with the music done , sometimes with a couple of hours spent just to polish harmony, melody and rhythm of a piece of music .

"The goal was quality music , harmonically , melodically beautiful , but has a strong percussion. Maybe in the disk it has stayed in the background, but the base is percussive `` says Fabio.

Made of multiple tastes and different schools, the dialogue between the band members was always a exchange between them , like the day Fabrizio arrived with hard Chorinho after days composing . Fabrizio suggested that the lyric were about spirituality , the cosmos and the universe , but for the others brecules swung like the story of a drunken bohemian knew at Zé Bezerra bar , traditional place at Fortaleza.

" We were very confortable with one another because we have been good friends before being a band. I used to say that it was not a musical project that really needed another musician to set up. I ended up in the band in a different process . We've Known each other for a long time and it was great creative environment", says Tulio , 26 years old.

Beside sambas as Barruada ga-ga , the CD brings waltzes and slower, lyrical bossas [bossa nova] . The vocals by Fabricio and Pedro accompany the cadence of songs like Requiem para a Infancia [requiem to childhood] and Vai que a Vida Quer Levar. The recorder version was completed with a string quartet ( two violins , viola and cello ) and piano instrumentalist Thiago Almeida, besides the musical direction of Rio's musician Dan Sebastian.

It is with this that the extended Breculê takes the stage at Theatro José de Alencar today at 19 hours for the release of the album, recorded between September 2008 and March 2009 . A musical extravaganza worked at minutia, inspired by MPB composers as Chico Buarque and Tom Jobim , without evading references like reggae and jazz. `` Our harmonies are suppose to sound normal, not distant from any [reference]. We are doing this to sound normal `` , summarizes Peter .

VOLANTES LIVES - release of Breculê first album. today ( 30 ) at 19h , at the Theatro José de Alencar . Admission is free . Further information : 3101 2583 . The disc will be sold on site for $ 15.00. - O POVO (newspaper)

"Virtuosity without exaggeration"

Ceará band debut sophisticated disk and dismissed the typical excesses of preciousness

" Congratulations , mi brother! " Salute in portunhol none other than former Mano Negra, Manu Chao . Passing by Spain, a friend of the percussionist Igor Caracas presented the CD to Mano Chao . He , in turn , immediately sent an email to Caracas , where he praised the " very mellow feeling" of the recently released album Vidas Volantes.

Manu Chao knew what he was talking about. The delicacy is a characteristic of the work of the septet , which , despite having reached the ears of French Chao , has not resonated outside of Ceará . Playing together since 2007 , when the first samba of Vidas Volantes was composed in Lake Jacarei (the neighborhood in a bucolic area of ​​Fortaleza that would host the first show of Breculê in the same year ) . Gradually, the group was creating more songs in Sunday meetings... and later the seven would practice together almost daily in the percussionist`s studio. The relaxation of the members , together with the mellifluous sound of Breculê disguises the two basic components in band chemistry : scholarship and hard work . - Continente magazine

"Chanted Secrets"

(...) About the release [of the book Inventario de Segredos] tomorrow Socorro turns out to be anxious. "Since the book was finished we thought it was the starting point for a larger artistic project. I always imagined it connected to music, to the theaters. Breculê, in this case, was quite perfect because they have this influence of Brazilian musical heritage, from the choro, from the samba, from the frevo style. This is consistent with the format of my text, based on the literary tradition of Cordel, the "repentistas", from oral narratives in small towns, "says Socorro. - Diario do Nordeste (newspaper)

"Word Tasting"

The band Breculê, from Ceará will be the main attraction of the closing of the second edition of the Spice Route literary fair, in the Mercado dos Pinhoes. - O Diario do Nordeste (newspaper)

"Committed with their roots"

Group Breculê prepares unique presentation back in Fortaleza

It is almost obvious the limitations of Ceará musical circuit. With few stages that allow formal presentations of professional artists and a small musical market, one of the solutions of professional artists (...) is seeking other places where the scenario is more promising .

The destinations are almost always the same: São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. One of these emigrants is Breculê group, that have been focusing on performances in these two largest cities in Brazil, and now decided to return to Fortaleza to a single performance on Saturday ( 29 ) as a way to kill the longing for their roots.

The band's concert will be performed on stage at the Orbita Bar (located at 207, Dragão do Mar St ), but for the guitarist Pedro Fonseca, one of the founders of Breculê, "It could be up to someone's house " highlighting the big desire to play again in the city.

However , it was not necessary to improvise a stage. The proposal was accepted by the venue with all appropriate structure to receive the presentation of the group , with a lineup with 10 members playing simultaneously .

The decision to return to their land was taken informally. "In a conversation, we realized that it had been over two years since we were performing in Fortaleza" says the guitarist , who also brings the experience gained during a European tour from June to September last year.


" We took advantage of a promotion for roundtrip tickets. Thereafter , we started scoring dates in Europe."

With 16 performances scheduled , the landing place was Paris , France , but the number of shows almost doubled from contacts made after getting off the stage and even extended to cities in the Netherlands and Belgium .

Despite the show in Fortaleza , Pedro Fonseca notes that the group's activities will still be focused on Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro . " It is not yet time to go back ," sighs the musician, who laments the conditions of musical and cultural scene of the city. " There's a big stigma in Fortaleza making music as a hobby. A person is a doctor or lawyer and plays on weekends. We are a band with many members and elect music as our jobs, you can not accept a paycheck R$ 200. " Breculê consist in the duo of guitarists Pedro Fonseca and Fabricio da Rocha , bassist Milton Ferreira , trumpeter Jordan Light and drummer Igor Ribeiro .


The presentation will be held this Saturday ( 29 ) will feature appearances by Márcio Resende ( sax and flute) , André Magalhães (percussion ) and Renan Ramos (trumpet ) .

The set list of the evening consider the complete trajectory of the group, founded in 2007, so it includes songs of Brecule`s first album Vidas Volantes, added with the songs of the project " Inventory of Secrets " and other unreleased songs".

"Until now we presented the diferent projects in diferent situations. This time we will do this songs in the same show" says Peter Fonseca . Another innovation is new arrangements, tailored to the trio of metals .


The group returns to Sao Paulo in mid-April , but before that goes through Brasilia early next month.

Leonardo Bezerra
reporter - O Diario do Nordeste (newspaper)


Brecule's first record, "Vidas Volantes", was released in 2010, and produced by the band themselves. The album offers a taste of the diverse artistry amongst the instrumentalists that created the group from 2004 to 2008. The concert was performed on several stages throughout Brazil, including major festivals such as Petrcio Maia (Fortaleza), IX International Music Conference in Ceara, Mercado Cututral da Bahia (Bahia's Cultural Market) an international Festival held in Castro Alves Theater in Salvador, among others.

Brecule's second project, "Inventario de Segredos", was inspired by Socorro Acioli's poetry book. The show, first held during the book's premiere, has reached different stages such as Jose de Alencar Theater in Fortaleza and was also presented at Mostra Sesc Cariri in December 2013

2010 | Vidas Volantes

composed by 14 tracks , 11 original compositions and three instrumental versions of Brecule`s songs  with participation of invited artists .

2011 | Inventario de Segredos | Music inspired by the poetry of Socorro Acioli; compositions performed live in theaters, recorded version under construction.



Brecule - Brazil

Brecule deals with bold arrangements , instrumental and lyrical diversity bringing their own interpretation to the universe of Brazilian musicality. The result is a uniquely contemporary experience , intense and full of poetry and refinement .

Brecule is an independent  band whose unique compositions are inspired on traditional Brazilian roots music (samba, frevo, maracatu, baiao), fused with all sorts of world music references like jazz and reggae. 

Brecule is

Pedro Fonseca (acoustic guitar)

Fabricio da Rocha (acoustic guitar)

Tulio Bias (percussionist)

Jordo Luz (brass)

Milton Ferreira (bassist)

Igor Ribeiro (drummer)

Band Members