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Austin, Texas, United States | SELF

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF
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Austin/Los Angeles drummer eVL_e has been playing his brand of live drums to electronic music for about 15 years. It's always been amazing to watch him perform (I caught him at Texas Rockfest about 5 years ago), but it hasn't been until recently that the genre has taken off in this area.


Insomniac (one of the top promoters of electronic festivals in North America) has decided to bring their formerly only Los Angeles-based Nocturnal Festival to the Austin area for the first time ever. Thousands of fans of the genre are going to spend the next 2 days (September 4-5 2010) at the Apache Pass River Theatre where over 100 artists/bands/performers will entertain. There will be an amazing light show, an interactive circus-like vibe, plus a fireworks display that will knock your socks off. It promises to be a full-on sensory explosion.

eVL_e is currently playing with a band called BREDE (pronounced "BRAY-DUH"), named after primere Austin DJ Jesse Brede. bassist (former Ministry, KMFDM, Skinny Puppy) Trans Am rounds out the trio that will be performing at Nocturnal Festival this year.

INsite owner Sean Claes had a chance to chat with the members of BREDE for a feature in an upcoming issue. We're going to share a little snippet for you now. This is what they had to say about Nocturnal Fest

Sean Claes: Tell me a little about NOCTURNAL FESTIVAL.
eVL_e: When I first got into this type of music, there were raves going on around Austin and I learned about the music and the culture. I saw in my minds eye what was possible. Then, the “Rave Act" pretty much shut down everything that was going on in Austin for about 10 years. The fan base was still there, but legally they put an end to this incredible form.

So for it to come around… it’s a statement about the music and the fans, and the legitimacy of the organizers. They’re bringing it back to the people who are basically in love with the stuff. You can’t have events, or a band for that matter, without people being interested in it.

Trans Am: People are really getting into this new style of music. It’s different than the typical drum-and-bass music. Totally different. A lot of low end a lot of harmonic distortion. This stuff is going to be so low on that big system out there that it’s going to make people puke.

A lot of organic energy there. Especially when you’ve got eVL_e. If you’ve ever seen him play before… it’s incredible. He does things you can’t do on a sampler or a drum machine. He’s a human being. He can drop it and bring it as he feels. Not only that, but he goes like four hours non-stop doing this. No breaks, not even to set down his stick and get a drink of water.

Jesse Brede: Nocturnal Festival is a full on sensory experience. Live Bands, DJs, interesting stage designs with lasers and visuals, painted and costumed dancers and performers, art installations, fireworks, and thousands of energetic people. I believe Insomniac, the promoters, have learned a lot from the productions at Burning Man. There is a similar feel to the production and vibe. - INsite Magazine - Austin, Tx


Still working on that hot first release.



BREDE is the fusion of electronic music with live instrumentation with a focus on bass music (dubstep, glitch, downtempo) that moves people on the dance floor while insisting on being visually compelling by bringing in dancers, video and stage props.

The band is made up of

DJ / Producer - Jesse Brede (
Drummer / Beat Scientiest - eVL_e (

Depending on the gig, additional instruments and players are added including bass, keys, scartch dj.

Visuals and dancers are also an added touch when space and budget allows.