Bree Blake

Bree Blake


Hi guys! my name is Bree Blake. and i'm a singer/songwriter/guitarist on Vancouver Island. i have been writing and preforming music for about 12 years from Violin and piano, to drums and guitar. i do a lot of folk/rock covers. as well as a ton of my own songs i learn fast and love to entertain.


I get asked all the time who my influences are. that's a hard question for me because when i write a song it comes from personal experiences. Heartache, enjoyments, passions, moral and stories that i have. i love rock n roll. i love heavy and mellow music. i keep my music coming from the heart and not music i here and love.
i also Enjoy doing lots of covers and playing along with other people. i love singing and playing songs anywhere from Damian Rice and Kieth Urban, to Bon Jovi and White snake.
If you haven't heard a lot of me and if i would describe my vocals as this, i have an amazing rock n roll voice to me. it's smooth, controlled and edgy.i also have a strong falsetto and ear for music and tone witch comes through in different songs i write and or cover. go to youtube and to my Chanel and here a few songs. you'll love it


At and early age. i had recorded these C.D Demos in Calgary AB, of me playing this beat up old Acoustic and some basic songs i had written. after a few years now, I've done shows open mics, jam nights, played for all sorts of people and different events. i love the challenge of impressing a good solid group of people who can give me good constructive criticism.
i have piles of C.D's of my own written music. and scattered on different sites and things on the internet. i love preforming anywhere i can. in 2010 i was offered a record contract.