Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Breech is a hard working metal band whose focus has been to create great sounding music, with intense live shows. We've shared the stage with bands such as Saliva, Skindred, Sevendust, Devil Driver, Otep, Five Finger Death Punch, In Flames, Dope, All That Remains, Nonpoint & many more.


Breech originally formed in the fall of 2003 with founding members Rick and Lance Martinez. After two years of intense writing and mulitple shows, they disbanded with the original singer and drummer in 2005 due to differences in attitudes and musical direction. Jeff and Mike Willan, formally of Beyond Closure, then joined the fold and clicked instantly. Song writing has been the main focus of the band. Hard work ethic and careful planning go into each song Breech writes. With intense promotion, spreading their music to the masses is next on the agenda.


"Breed The Vile"
1. Faceless
2. Breed The Vile
3. Means to an End
4. Sins of Sorrow
5. The Picture Black
6. My Innocence
7. War From Harlot's Mouth
8. No Hope Rebellion

Set List

Our sets can be from 30 minutes to over an hour.
Here is an example of our typical set list:
-Breed The Vile
-Means to an End
-Sins of Sorrow
-The Picture Black
-My Innocence
-War From Harlot's Mouth
-No Hope Rebellion

We also do a few covers if time permits of some of our favorite bands such as Lamb of God, Devil Driver and Drykill Logic.