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Hailing from the inner city of Sydney, BREED plans on mashing up the place with their mix of R&B and Hip Hop influenced music. Their sound can be compared to the likes of Jodeci & Dru Hill. Combined with passion and drive these boys are sure to cause a stir in the music industry.


BREED have been a mainstay of the Australian urban scene for over a decade. Their look and sound can be described as a mix of R&B and Hip Hop which is both soulful and smooth, yet possessing an urban edge. Watch this space. BREED is here!


"Waiting Of A Sound" - Mastered July 2007

1. Feel'n Me
2. Lose Me
3. Floating Away
4. 24/7
5. My Girl
6. U Do 2 Me
7. Nothing I Won't Do
8. Get Down
9. Wrong
10. In My Head
11. Cry No More

Set List

All sets are BREED's originals.

Typical tracks are "Get Down", "Feel'n Me" and "My Girl".