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"Review of "Healing Waters""

To say that Bree Noble has a beautiful voice in undersatement. Many artists have a voice and can sing. Some of the independent artists that we preview have nice gifts of voice and talent, rounded off with a sincere desire to praise the Lord in song. But after listening to a few of Bree's songs the staff at Christian Mix Inet had a difficult decision as to which cuts we wanted to add to the playlist. We could not decide so we added all of them!

Some of the best new music I have heard has been songs which were written from personal experience. There is no substitute for "being there". Bree has been dealt some health and vision hardships along the way, in addition to her gifts. She says that her upbringing taught her that life is what you make it. Her music is vocal proof of that very philosophy.
Michael Hughs - Christian Music Inet Radio (Sep 13, 2006) - Christian Mix Inet Radio

"Glendora's Bree Noble Sings at Methodist Dodger Night"

More than 55,000 fans had the chance
to hear Bree Noble’s patriotic side as she
sang the National Anthem on July 28 at
Dodger Stadium. The performance was
the result of a contest by the Cal-Pac
Conference for United Methodist Dodger
Noble was chosen from dozens of
entries from throughout Southern California
from Santa Barbara to San Diego.
Joyce Zirkle, who coordinated the
contest and recommended the finalists to
Dodger officials, remembered Noble’s
audition CD. “She was very professional,
very clear,” she said.
Noble attends Glendora United
Methodist Church and was told of the
opportunity by her pastor, the Rev. Doug
Hodson. After listening to her audition
CD, Pastor Hodson, himself a huge
Dodger fan, was hopeful that Noble
would be able to represent the United
Methodist Church on the field that night.
Noble’s account of the experience is
very positive. “I had a blast! The
Dodgers’ representatives were great
and the organist was flawless. It was an
unforgettable experience rehearsing in
the press box and out on the field during
batting practice. I prayed for peace two
seconds before I opened my mouth and
God answered prayer. He replaced all
my nerves with joy. And my family and I
had a great time at the game too. The
Dodgers slaughtered the Nationals
which began a winning streak. Thank you
to those who came out and supported me!
We had 1,000 Methodists there.”
For the last 20 years, Noble has been
immersed in music. She has performed in
Glendora’s Bree Noble Sings at Methodist
Dodger Night
choirs and as a classical soloist, sang lead
in a female barbershop quartet and was
the lead singer for several Christian
bands. Today she classifies herself as a
Contemporary Christian artist: singer,
songwriter and keyboard player. She is
co-leader of the worship team at her
church in Glendora and sings in the choir.
“I just love music in general,” she said. “I
love writing, performing and sharing
music with people, especially music with
a message.”
The Modesto native has produced two
CDs to date: Overwhelmed, a Christian
Contemporary album, and Can You See
the Stars, which features inspirational
music and love songs. Her new CD
Healing Waters is nearly complete and
will be available in late September.
Noble performs for churches, coffeehouses
and festivals throughout California.
Her music ministry has grown to
include appearances at women’s and
moms’ groups where she performs the
music she has written and speaks about
her testimony and life experiences behind
the lyrics.
For more information on Bree
Noble’s music ministry and a video of her
National Anthem performance, visit and for or booking
e-mail - Circuit West, Cal-Pac Newsletter, September Issue

"San Dimas Resident Bree Noble Places Third In International Songwriting Contest"

Bree Noble, recently named Best Female Performer at the Inland Empire Music Awards, received recognition for her songwriting talent with a 3rd place win in The Next Holiday Classic Songwriting Contest

January 10 – Singer/Songwriter Bree Noble received the news of her third prize win for her song It’s Christmastime (co-written with Allan Licht of Cleveland, OH) on December 24, 2007.

The Next Holiday Classic Song Contest is a new approach to the old "songwriting contest" concept. TNHC showcases songs that may not always be "cutting edge" according to current music trends, but rather, may stand the "test of time" for years to come. The contest was conceived by the management team of Kalliergo Creative, all of whom have been involved professionally in the music industry and the internet for over 25 years. ”Along with cash prizes, finalists will also have their songs presented to major label artists for possible inclusion on their upcoming holiday releases,” state the contest founders.
All song submissions were pre-screened by TNHC. Three semi-final rounds yielded the 10 songs that advanced to the finals. The voting was weighted at 15% TNHC judges and 85% online votes. With over 3,000 online votes cast, Noble and Licht’s song rose to the top to grab the 3rd place win. The co-writers will split a $500 cash prize and enjoy increased exposure for the song and their songwriting careers.

The song It’s Christmastime is a throwback to the stylings of classics like White Christmas and The Christmas Song. Noble croons the new classic over a lush orchestration arranged by Tom Rae, who hails from Ireland. “With the writers and arranger all thousands of miles apart, this composition is a true example of the artistic synergy that can occur over the internet,” Noble points out.

It’s Christmastime can be heard on the contest website at or on Bree Noble’s official website at

Bree Noble received several other songwriting honors in 2007 including being named Songwriter of the Month at MCTMG Radio, Nashville. Her song “Gypsy Road” was a finalist in contests by both the Dallas Songwriters Association and the Contemporary Christian Music Network International.

Bree Noble lives in San Dimas with her husband Chris and 4 ½ year old daughter Julia. She has recorded 3 solo albums and performs regularly throughout Southern California and the Western States at churches, women’s groups and special events. For a list of appearances, please visit her website: . For booking, please call (909) 599-5529 or email
- Inland Valley Bulletin

"Bree Noble Named Best Female Performer"

Bree Noble, who has been recording and performing as a solo artist for the past 5 years, was recognized for her accomplishments at the 2007 Inland Empire Music Awards

January 29 – Singer/Songwriter Bree Noble received the award for Best Female Performer at the 2007 Inland Empire Music Awards on January 26, 2007.

The ceremony took place at the Key Club at Casino Morongo in Cabazon, CA and approx 20 different awards were handed out including Best Male & Female Performer, Best Hard Rock, Folk, Latin & Live Band. Bree was presented her award by an executive at Virgin Records and was able to say a few acknowledgements on stage to family members and her producer Allan Licht. Bree was one of 5 nominees for the category and did not know she had won until her name was announced. Bree says, “I was hopeful that I might win, but really didn’t know what to expect. I was glad my husband Chris was there to share the moment on stage.”

The panel of judges included several local music executives. The judging was based on recorded music submissions, artist biography and live performance experience. Songs from Bree’s newest album “Healing Waters”, released in September 2006, helped her earn the award. “Healing Waters” is an inspirational collection of uplifting melodies and poignant lyrics that appeals to people in every stage and walk of life. The album has sold over 300 copies and is available for purchase at Bree’s website:

Bree Noble is more than just a musician. She also speaks at women’s groups and community organizations about growing up with Glaucoma. Her inspirational presentation “You Are My Vision” includes music she’s written and stories about growing up legally blind and overcoming adversity. Bree lives in San Dimas with her husband Chris and 3 ½ year old daughter Julia.

Bree performs regularly in the area at coffeehouses like Rico Coffee in La Verne and Home Brew Coffee in San Dimas. She also performs at local churches, women’s groups and special events. For a list of appearances, please visit her website: . For booking, please call (909) 599-5529 or email
- San Gabriel Valley Tribune, San Dimas Community News

"Review of "Healing Waters""

"On the album Healing Waters, Bree Noble demonstrates her ability to write songs that can be either comforting or convicting. In songs like “Risk It All,” Bree makes it clear that we will never accomplish much for Christ unless we are willing to give up our peaceful secure lives and follow him wherever He may lead us. “My Front Door” gives a real-world example of this very principle by powerfully illustrating how reluctant we are to share our blessings with those less fortunate than ourselves. And yet, God is always there to cleanse us of our past failings, and this is what Bree cries out for in the album’s title track. Healing Waters, from Bree Noble, is an album which will really challenge you to serve God not just with words, but with your life."
- Reed Hoffman, Depot Radio

"Review by ChristianMusic.Suite101"

Indie artist Bree Noble of the warm soprano tones and poignant musical stories will easily find an audience for her third and newest release, "Healing Waters."
The thing that strikes me immediately in my first listen-through of “Healing Waters” is how intimate and optimistic it is. Not all albums give you the strong sense of identity that this one does; listening to “Healing Waters” feels like a musical conversation with a new friend. Bree Noble has poured a large measure of herself into this project, and the thumbprints of veteran CCM producer Allan Licht are easily visible as well. “Healing Waters” offers eleven original tracks of CCM pop covering the gamut of current common experience: relationships, fear, mistrust, family life and homelessness issues. She dresses her songs in warm mid-tempo stories, not unlike Mark Schultz and even the more rock-driven Casting Crowns. The piano ballad “Why Can’t I Go Home?” describes the grief involved in a visit to a loved one who struggles with mental confusion, and “My Front Door” powerfully shares the feelings of one who hides just inside the door after a stranger knocks. Noble crafts these settings rich with familiarity so she can then imbue them with a godly perspective. Her message is easily received when presented in the pleasant packaging of her warm vocals against a quiet keyboard or guitar-driven background.

Standout tracks include: the melodic piano ballad “You Are My Vision,” all the more compelling coming from Noble, who suffers from glaucoma and has been legally blind since birth; the cleverly written “Do You Dare?” a wake-up call to those who watch life pass by from the safety of their couch; and the optimistic duet with Licht, “The Human Race,” with its we-are-the-world feel. But the album’s best is the stunning closer, the beautifully written and delicately rendered “Impossibly Beautiful.” Bree Noble has recently become a member of the distinguished Christian D.I.V.A.s, a group that provides a good fit for her level of talent and passion. - Kevan Breitinger

"Legally Blind Since Birth, Mom’s Vision of a Career in Music Comes to Light"

Find article online at:

Bree Noble is a business woman, musician and singer-songwriter. She is a woman of strong faith, a mother, a daughter and a wife. She is also legally blind and has been since birth. But unlike others who may have deemed this an insurmountable obstacle on their path, Noble has managed to overcome this physical disability, and continues to embrace her journey with a solid, sweet background melody of grace.

Bree Noble was born with congenital glaucoma. This means that she did not have the ducts necessary to allow fluid to pass in and out of the eye, which caused pressure to rise, and Noble to lose a great deal of her sight while still in the womb. By the time she was two, she had undergone numerous surgeries; however, she still remained legally blind. By utilizing reading aids, Noble learned to grow up with glaucoma. She attended local public schools because her parents believed it was best for her to be integrated with other children and she found that she enjoyed it as well. She had a resource teacher that helped her with the simple basics such as learning how to cross the street and catch a bus and she became involved in sports and whatever else she could manage like her peers.

When she was a senior in high school, it became necessary for Noble to have additional surgery on her right eye because the pressure wasn’t being controlled. During the surgery, something went horribly wrong, causing hemorrhaging and permanent damage to the retina. Consequently, Noble completely lost all sight in her right eye. Although she never regained sight in that eye, Bree eventually recovered from the surgery, returned to school and was able to graduate with the rest of her class.

Up to this point and throughout her high school years, music was a big part of Noble’s life, so when it came time for picking a college she chose Westmont, a liberal arts college located in Santa Barbara, CA, where she could also study music. Being a small school, Westmont afforded Noble the opportunity to obtain individualized attention from her professors, who even allowed her to take exams in her room with the reading machine she had acquired in high school. The accommodating nature of both the professors and the school proved to be instrumental support in a journey that most would find daunting.

While at school, Bree played the keyboard and sang with a performing ensemble that traveled all over the California area. Although she yearned to be a musician or vocalist, Noble knew she had to be practical. Her solution was to work toward a business degree that would allow her to find a job after graduation, as well as obtain a degree in the discipline of her heart’s choosing, music. After graduating, Noble secured a job in the accounting field and worked on her music on the side. She eventually managed to land a position seemingly tailor-made for her and from 1999 to 2004, became the Director of Finance at an Opera company. She states, “Now I could use all of my music knowledge and get front row seats to every opera!” This has worked for her so well that even when she had her daughter in 2003 and found that trying to split a full-time work load between home and the office was just too much, she was then able to execute a graceful exit from her job and facilitated an arrangement whereby she could continue as a consultant part-time from home. This one year supposition has blossomed into a three year reality.

Throughout all of this time, Nobel had not forgotten her first calling of music and was writing and recording whenever she could find the time in her home studio. Once she had her daughter, she found she had to cut back; however, as soon as her child began to get older, she looked into going back out and performing again. At present, she performs quite a bit and it has developed into the part-time career that she’s always desired.

Noble states that the main challenge she found on her journey was the fact that she has never been able to drive, especially now that she is a parent. To counteract this difficulty, she and her husband found a house that was centrally located and from which she could walk within 20 to 30 minutes to most places that she would need. As is customary for Noble, she alters this negative into a positive. She states, “I use this as a bonding time with my three year-old daughter Julia. We walk and we talk about what we see, (we) have conversations together. Julia is very verbal and I attribute that too all of the conversations we’ve had while we walked.”

The turning point for Nobel came when she recognized that she could not do it all and reorganized her life. She relates, “I scaled back my job because I didn’t want to not work. I like working and I like feeling useful, but I was (extremely) stressed out and doing way too much, and doing everything half as well that I could.” So they sold their house and moved closer to her husband’s job, while she arranged to work part-time. This adjustment eventually led to an added benefit that she did not immediately visualize. It freed her up to be able to get back to working on her music, where the light of her passion could finally be realized. -


Healing Waters, September 2006

Can You See The Stars, 2004 Gevania Records LLC

Little Italian Girl, Bree Noble & Jerry Allen 2003 Gevania Records LLC

Overwhelmed, 2002, 2005 Gevania Records LLC

Hallelujah Duet (with Chris Noble), 1998 Valley Artisans, 2005 Gevania Records LLC



In January 2007, Bree Noble was named Best Female Performer at the Inland Empire Music Awards in Southern California. She was also a finalist in the 2007 En Sound Gospel Music Awards in two categories:Contemporary Female Artist and Christian Contemporary Album. Her powerful vocals and commanding stage presence have captured audiences at large venues such as Saddleback Church and The Coach House. In July 2006 Bree was honored to perform the national anthem in front of a sold out crowd at Dodger Stadium. Those who have heard her will tell you that she has the unusual ability to sing anything from Pop/Rock to Opera.
When she is not ministering to other congregations, Bree serves as worship leader at Glendora United Methodist Church. In June 2007 Bree was honored to serve as a lead vocalist on the worship team and as a featured soloist at the California Pacific United Methodist Annual Conference. Whether she’s performing her signature lyric-driven pop/rock or leading a congregation in a familiar worship chorus or hymn, Bree’s vocals communicate deep emotion.
Although Bree’s vocals are always compelling, they are not her greatest asset. Songwriting is her real signature as an artist. Bree is a current finalist in both the Dallas Songwriters Contest and the Christian Contemporary Music Network International Songwriting Contest for her song “Gypsy Road”. Her style has been compared to Nichole Nordeman, Sara Groves, Mark Schultz & Casting Crowns. Musically it is a blend of Contemporary and Inspirational music that is both mainstream and eclectic.
Bree likes to think of herself not as a Christian songwriter, but as a songwriter who is a Christian. She writes about specific aspects of her own Christian walk, but she also writes about problems that are universal like greed, homelessness, racism, and family situations. Her lyrics explore common emotional issues: apathy, fear, loneliness, mistrust, and seeking joy in suffering. And then there are those special songs that are her most personal, that convey her heart, not just as a woman of faith but as an individual who has learned to overcome great adversity. Bree has Glaucoma and has been legally blind since birth. With songs such as “Running” and “You Are My Vision” she unveils her most intimate feelings about growing up with a disability and how it has affected her life and her relationship with God.
Bree spent her elementary years in Redwood City, CA and then at age 13 moved to Modesto, CA and became very active in the music department at Thomas Downey High School. She attended Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA and earned degrees in Vocal Performance and Business. In 2007 Bree was featured in an article about her music in the Westmont College Alumni magazine. She has called Southern California home for the past 13 years and has been active as a classical soloist, worship leader and performer in Los Angeles, Orange County & the Inland Empire as well as touring often to the areas she grew up in Northern California.
Bree has performed with several bands over the past 15 years including Zephaniah (Westmont College touring ensemble), Day One (worship band), and the all-female Alternative Rock band Not Martha. In 2002, she released her first solo album, Overwhelmed, on the independent label. Many of the songs from the album placed in the top 10 on’s Christian charts. By popular demand, the album Overwhelmed was re-released in 2005 by Gevania Records.
Bree was a chief collaborator and vocalist on a new Broadway style musical called Little Italian Girl. She enjoyed writing music to fit the storyline and weaving some of her older material into the fabric of the story. The result was a CD of highlights from the musical released in 2003 as well as a CD of Bree’s best solo work from the project called Can You See The Stars released on Gevania Records in 2004.
In 2006 Bree began presenting “You Are My Vision”, a narrative and musical journey through her life growing up visually impaired, for events including MOPS (Mothers Of Pre Schoolers), Christian Women’s Club, women’s retreats, worship services and community groups. With this presentation, Bree strives to inspire and encourage audiences to trust God in all things and to lean on Him in times of struggle. Bree received recognition for this ministry in Dec, 2006 in an article for “Amazing Mom Stories” on the website.
Bree enjoys collaborating with other songwriters and lending her unique vocals to projects by other artists. She appears as a guest vocalist on several projects by Indie artists and writers including David Aucoin, Jerry Allen, Allan Licht, Michael Borges, Sean Fullerton and Joel Irwin. Recently she has signed contracts with Victoria Lane Publishing and Allan Bradley Music Publishing.
Bree’s 3rd solo CD Healing Waters was produced by veteran CCM & AC producer Allan Licht. Released in September 20