Breezee One

Breezee One

 Detroit, Michigan, USA
BandHip HopEDM

Seeing a Breezee One set is as enlightening and transformative as taking MDMA. Her ability to reach the audience and captivate them with her sick rhymes, hypnotic booty popping, and diabolical beats are unparalleled. Breezee will get you all wet!


Breezee One's song's are original, high energy, witty and unique. From San Francisco Via Detroit, her lyrical sense of humor and eye for detail transform cosmic beats into super-hits.

Fun and confidence are Breezee One's main inspiration. Being a 'thick' Caucasian gal with blond hair and a love for crop-tops, Breezee One exudes sexiness and flirtation that is contagious. Breezee One serves as a reminder to both Men and Women to shake what their mama gave em. Boobs and Butts.


Puff Puff Platinum-2009
Get Wet -2009
Scrummage Tribute-2009
Goin' to da Bank-2009