Breeze Romain

Breeze Romain

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Fiona Apple has a child with Tom Waits and came out with Amy Winehouse


“When I was eight, my dad took me to a neighbourhood piano teacher with a little bit of money for lessons and asked her to ‘make this little girl and her piano happy together…’” – and since then, Toronto singer-songwriter Breeze Romain and her piano have been an inseparable pair. Her low-register voice is warm and sultry, laced with soulful cries that invoke the spirit of, rather than replicating the sound of some of her biggest influences – Fiona, Norah, Ella and Etta. Her songs are at once simple and profound, romantic and precocious, sung from both the head and the heart.

Currently, Breeze is in studio working on her debut EP with Danforth Records. She can be seen playing at various clubs and bars around the GTA.