Hollywood, Florida, USA

Latin Folk, Acoustic, Melodic, Country, Rock infusion..


Luis (Breezy) Cabrera is a Songwriter and Musician. Breezy is available as a solo acoustic artist or He can be available to play as a 3 piece band. He prefers to play acoustic solo originals. Yet he can play a wide range of cover songs. He is versatile in Spanish and English.. Breezy is a seasoned performer and his style has been compared to Elvis Costello type of vibe.
He is a true artist, and he has a knack for captivating the audience....


1988: Shake The Joint b/w Catch My Drift
1989: Partytime (Louieā€™s House)
1989: No Money, No Girlfriend b/w Puerto Rican House Rocker
1990: No Good Unless they Love You
1990: Dynamix II feat. Breezy Beat MC - Just Give the DJ a Break 1990
1991: DJ Laz feat. Breezy Beat MC - Latin Swing and Back in the Days
1993: Wizzzard feat. Breezy Beat MC - Bettishbreeze
2002: Ahi Esta
2003: 305 Sex
2004: Roll with Me
2004: Gozala Fiesta va Comenzar
2005: Senor Bris - Tengo Sed, Tengo Hambre
2006-2009- wrote album
"Throughout the years"Releasing
June 09
2009: Publico Bailador- The Joey Nardone Story "The Nail"