Breezy Lovejoy

Breezy Lovejoy


The groove is quite eclectic, a Soul/Pop style in the vein of Stevie Wonder. Inspired by classic sounds, but a band of "today"


Sometimes it feels like this band was meant to be. Coming together through the maze that is Hollywood, this group has been a constant. They're from all over the US: Breezy is a native of Oxnard, CA, Jason is an LA native, Ben is from Austin, TX, Jose is from San Diego, and Ron Avant hails from Cincinnati. Working closely with the production team Block Cheddar it becomes a big family of musicians and producers, and it's hard to tell where the band ends! Performances include the Roxy, Whiskey-a-go-go, and House of Blues venues in Hollywood, and countless other LA venues, as well as shows in Phoenix, Austin, Atlanta, Nashville, and NYC among others. Influences mainly include Classic R&B/Soul, but they are students of all types of music, and when it's time to play they can quickly cross many genres. Breezy Lovejoy is a band that is watching the trends of the music industry, but at the end of the day they know whats real, and so does the listener.


"Coldtapes"- Interpretation of 5 Coldplay songs. 15,000 copies printed and have since moved them around LA and the US. LP currently in the works

Set List

Depends on the occasion. often times, either play one 1-hour set, or 2 one and a half hour sets. Songs are chosen on the fly, the set is never the same. Originals we usually play include: Dont Use that Feeling, Major, Need More People, Acknowledge Me, Draws, Where my J?, and Too Strong. Covers include some Coldplay tunes, Isley Brothers, Notorius B.I.G., Q-tip, and various jazz standards