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"Rising Stars"

Rising Stars
Tom Scanlon, Seatle Times October 17th 2006

Alone again, naturally . . .
Bre Ellen Loughlin must have that '70s tune (Gilbert O'Sullivan, anyone?) running through her head. The dynamic, former Kuma singer left that electro-Goth band to start Daylight Basement - an early DB show at the Crocodile Cafe was just Bre, somewhat nervously playing the acoustic guitar and singing intensely specific lyrics. She later added a few heavy hitters from Maktub and the Rotten Apples, fleshing out an '80s alternative rock sound and releasing a DB CD.

Friday night, she was back at the Crocodile, solo again (although she had a bass player). She sang "Porcupine," "The Hospital" and a few other songs, demonstrating the powerful, wide-ranging voice that makes her a local treasure - and, perhaps, national star-in-the-making.

Loughlin is working on a solo album, coming soon . . . - Seattle Times

"Bre Loughlin, the Femurs, Barbara Trentalange"

NW Source - Pop music/Nightlife
Bre Loughlin, the Femurs, Barbara Trentalange

I first saw Bre Loughlin when she was the dynamo at the heart of local band Kuma. Though the band was good, Loughlin was better -- she has a stage presence that's virtually without rival and a face that belongs on the cover of every music magazine in America and Europe, and you can practically feel her powerful voice inside your chest. Were I the kind of guy who was given to celebrity crushes, I'd probably wait a few hours in the rain just so she could sign my forehead. You know, with a brick.

--Geoff Carter NWsource staff - Seattle PI - NW Source

"Bre Loughlin - Modern American Photo Album"

New Review by Caught in the Carousel!
"Modern American Photo Album is an album of tremendous feeling. Armed with the sultry power of The Motels’ Martha Davis and the phrasing of both Robert and Elliot Smith, Loughlin is a smooth and assured singer, who, in spite of her influences, has her own inimitable and quirky charm. Elsewhere, “My Guitar” is a kinetic ode to the lasting relationship between a musician and their instrument; “Crazy Love” is a dose of brilliant new wave acoustica; the sonorous ripple of “Welcome To Hell” conjures the late-Kirsty MacColl and “Enraged” is a spiky acoustic number that somehow brings to mind Jane’s Addiction and Joni Mitchell. A star-making effort, indeed."
Review by Alex Green - Caught in the Carousel

"Three Imaginary Girls Album Review"

Click here for full Three Imaginary Girls Album Review
"[Modern American Photo Album] really does feel something like a photo album where you turn the page to see a picture of you as a kid laughing under a sprinkler and you smile, then you turn the page to see a picture of a grandmother who has passed away and you feel melancholy, then you turn the page to see a picture of a lover and remember all of the good and bad and in-between times, then you turn the page.... There is a lot of anguish, hope, melancholy, joy, and nostalgia in this record, but none of those emotions constitute the theme of Loughlin's music. There is a much stronger theme that underlies everything, and it is Bre Loughlin's most powerful element: love -- in all of its cozy and crazy forms."

Jeremy Downing - - Three Imaginary Girls


Modern American Photo Album (Bre Loughlin)
Currently in light to medium rotation on 80 college and public radio stations around the US
Any Kind of Pretty (Daylight Basement)
Fast Colliding (Kuma)
That Moment of Silence Before a Disaster (Kuma)
Rewind (Kuma)
Human Doll Express (The Stuck-Ups)



Since 2001, Bre Loughlin has been touring the west coast with a variety of projects: from Sympathy Records’ snotty punk quartet -The Stuck-Ups, to the art-rock of Kuma, and most recently with the indie-pop project Daylight Basement. Playing main support for acts such as Concrete Blonde and The Gossip, Bre has electrified stages with soaring vocals and crowd commanding performances.

Loughlin has shed the moniker of Daylight Basement to deliver her forthcoming full-length release “Modern American Photo Album”. Unlike previous projects she has written for which she used an electronic backdrop, arrangement for this collection started with the acoustic guitar. Her signature powerhouse vocal style and carefully placed lyrics are in the spotlight for the 13 tracks of this CD: baring raw emotions, from celebration to frustration, with nothing to hide behind. The resulting song-craft is paradoxically dark and often whimsical pop musings on love and life.