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Me and you

Written By: Tulia

"Me and You"

[verse 1]

Sometimes I dream
Of you and me
And baby see
I feel magical
I love the way touch me
Do it so softly
Stop its enough see
I'm not dramical
We both amicably
Please don't meticulously
And we both like each other
We get along with one another


Me and you boy
Does the things we do boy
Me and u together
Me and u forever
Me and u see
Living happily
Me and u
Do what we choose
Its just me and u

[verse 2]

We got 21 questions to play
Truthful words is what we say
Oh boy I can't stay coodly
My heart beat faster than usually
U would always be my present, my future
Don't think I'm tryin to food ya
I don't care about them other chicks
As long as I can get close to u
U know who u goin live your life with

[verse 3]

Just me
Just you
So boy
Whatz true
Is we goin be together 4-life
When we older where be husband and wife
Just you
Just me
Tell me its true
Will keep doing the things we do
Cause its just