Brenda-Lee Heathcote

Brenda-Lee Heathcote


Multi-award winning Songwriter in Australia, just won the "Rudy Brandsma Award", part of the ASA Awards in Sydney August 2007. Chosen from around 4000 entries. Brenda-Lee's songs have been recorded by many artists, and have charted several times within Australia.

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So This Is Life

Written By: Brenda-Lee Heathcote

So This Is Life

Verse 1

I trim the garden hedges, and I paint my picket fence,

As I stand here on this planet, in a universe immense,

There are answers on the wind, that’s what I have been told,

But I’ve got questions still to come, about things I’ll never know


So, so this is life,

What’s it all about?

Will I ever work it out?,

Mysterious and sad, hilarious and mad, a crazy mixed up ride,

So this is life

Verse 2

I stand upon this mountain, that took so long to climb,

The path was steep and rocky, and I slipped back many times,

And the road it still goes on, I can see it through the trees,

I guess I’ll keep on moving, to wherever it may lead



I crawl, I fall, I stand, I walk,

I laugh, I love, I learn some more -

Chorus again

So this is life.