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Premeditated Deed

Written By: Brenda Moons

Do you feel them? They’re talking - stalking.
What about I can’t hear.
From long ago, they reunite
And keep us close within their sight
They want us here, made very clear.

They puppet the body, control the mind
Content with “knowing”, it’s sublime
Something planned, we don’t yet see
Waiting for the signal, a time to be free
We don’t even know what’s there
(whispered – premeditated deed)

Chorus –
Why don’t they reveal
We wait for disclosure
Chosen to be – chosen for thee
Waited until they knew
Waited until we grew
Premeditated deed

They have always had control
Imposing what we have no courage for
Waiting for us, for it to emerge
They know its turmoil - to the core
Waited to come back, to watch us explore

They will guide as we figure it out
Let it go on, cast little doubt
What to expect, time will tell
As they watch, they will revel
It will take time, meet the need
Off again, another premeditated deed

Chorus (X2)

There You Are

Written By: Brenda Moons

There You Are

Souls were searching, another plane
While life continued on in oblivion
Co-existing, not knowing anything is missing, then

There you are
The lone spirit
Hiding from the elements
Come show me what you’ve done

They place you in my dreams
In and out of random thoughts
Sometimes so near I can sense you, then

There you are
The lone spirit
Rising from the elements
You show me what you’ve done

I’m breathless, I’m alone
Feel the need to be near the music
Thoughts fade away, not for long, then

There you are
The lone spirit
Emerging from the elements
Look what you and I can do

There we are
Two lone spirits
Becoming one with ourselves
Can you see where you can go?

Can you see where we can go?

Gowing Away

Written By: Brenda Moons

Going Away

The fortress walls cannot be broken
A little shared is just a token
Will I regret what you have seen
You not knowing the in between
I feel your compassion but can’t explain
The quiet solemn that does remain

Going away – to my place
A journey within I leave no trace
I’ll drift back you will see
Another dimension, a place for me
Subliminal attention, my time to be

You don’t need to know what lies within
No words from me to articulate
And not for you to speculate
An opinion of which to generate
I will cautiously share a little piece
Someone should know; a form of release

It’s safer here I always knew
Me, my thoughts, and point of view
My spirit I will not manipulate
The quiet time to contemplate
If there were answers I’d be whole
Ever conversing with my wandering soul


The mystery may never find resolve
As time passes I continue to evolve
My quiet space where I can hide
Where the real “me” has chosen to reside
The depths of my being where I am free
Resting below the depths of the sea


When is When

Written By: Author

finally you've landed on ground, aboandoned the moon is it done - standing before, who takes the lead, who's just along for the ride..are you ok, are you ok -
I'm not feeling well, I know it's killing me

where were you, I wanted to talk to you..Where did you go? I was lost in your lies for hours.

when will you...crawl your way out of that hole you fell into

When will you know when is when when is well and in the end your leaving me alone (4x)