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Song of Courage

Written By: Brendan OKeefe

Song of Courage
Written by Brendan O’Keefe

You were standing by my bed
On that night that shook my soul
The doctors came and said
It was out of their control

And it was clear to see
But then it got so blurry
Until I heard you say to me
Baby don't you worry

And it gave me strength
That I needed so much
'Cause it sounded in my heart
Like a song of courage

And you said it's gonna be all right

They say love can never die
And I have seen the same today
You were there by my side
In a dream that took me away

And there I saw
What I could never show you
Just how blessed I feel
Today just to know you

I felt your hand
And all the love in your touch
And you sang for me that song
Song of courage

It’s gonna be all right
You said its gonna be all right
It’s gonna be all right


And love never fades
But could I ever show you
Just how good it feels
To have you near and hold you

And I won't be far
Just across a short bridge
And when you need to be strong
Hear my song
Song of courage

It's gonna be all right
I know it’s gonna be all right