Brendan Pratt

Brendan Pratt


Brendan Pratt's comedy is a look into life, love, heartbreak, and a lifetime of nerdery. Whether it's tales of watching Designing Women instead of The Neverending Story, or the zombie like attack of an ex girlfriend, chances'll know what he's talking about...and you'll laugh.


I'm 24 years old, and I've yet to finish the world's largest crossword puzzle...but at least I'm trying. I've been spending the last few years of my life writing, performing, and developing my own version of comedic genius, so details of my recent life wouldn't be too interesting to you, unless you too have an addiction to frozen pizzas and little debbie snacks....

anyway, my comedy comes from my life. i like to talk about growing up with four older sisters and not turning out gay, girlfriends that mindlessly attack you when all you wanted was some natural light in the room, and why i wouldn't want to mess with blind people...

of course, i'm not here to give it all away. as for this stage of my life, i am trying to put together one of the most media-centric independent comedy tours ever. my good friend and fellow comedian, Brian Armstrong, and i are looking to book a national tour that would feature both single night, and multiple night stands at any venue that would be kind enough to host us. along the way, we plan to blog extensively, produce two podcasts a week, and of course, photojournal the hell out of it! oh yeah, and video galore. maybe even video overkill, but if that's your thing...we'll be bringin it.

Set List

i'm fully prepared to do anything from 3 minutes of open mic to 50 minutes of headlining...topics are always changing.