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"Here's a nice success in the making"

By Kelly A. Collins/ Correspondent
Thursday, May 13, 2004
D-S grad Brendan Thomas takes his musical talents toward record deal
By the age of 12, Brendan Thomas had mastered the drums, bass guitar, guitar and piano.
So it may not come as a shock to locals that the 1991 Dover-Sherborn graduate is now making waves in the music industry.
Thomas,is forever thankful for the solid education and experience he gained in D-S, but is now moving forward with one goal in mind.
"Now I'm trying to get a major record deal," explained Thomas.
For many artists getting signed by Sony or Columbia Records is just a dream, but for Thomas it's a goal. Since graduating from UMass-Amherst with a degree in computer science and history, Thomas has been committed to getting a record deal from a major label.
In 2001 he and his business partner and manager, Geoff Burns, started SynergySound Entertainment Inc., and now have offices in both New York City and Massachusetts. For the past four years, he has been writing, arranging, playing and performing materials in his fully digitized studio in his Dover townhouse.
He has enough material for two full albums and has pressed several demos.
All his hard work seems to be paying off because this week, the Brendan Thomas Band appeared at the Paradise Lounge in Boston. With more than a dozen labels in the audience, Thomas and the eight-piece band rocked the stage with their adult-contemporary flair.
"I'm ecstatic, the band is terrific," said Thomas before their debut in Boston.
"That's part of the excitement for the show," said band member Scott Tarulli. "When you know you have something good."
Influenced by a wide-ranging collection of artists such as Sting, Don Henley, Eric Clapton and Lenny Kravitz, it's clear Thomas has got what it takes.
Robert Martel, instrumental D-S Music director, surely isn't surprised by his former student's success. He remembers an interested youngster who played local gigs with his dad on the weekends. Soaking up as much as he could at weddings and private functions, Thomas' early interest in music was contagious in the classroom.
"What I remember most about Brendan was that he had a tremendous ear," said Martel. "He always had the ability to pick up on things; he was interested in learning and he just had a really good natural ability."
For now Thomas, will keep his day job as a information technology architect for IBM in Cambridge, but the weekends and spare time are reserved for the stage.
"It's a lot of hard work, but I don't call it work," said Thomas. "But it's hard work and I love it."
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Before considering the present and future of Brendan Thomas, one should be familiar with his past. Brendan Thomas was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. He began his auspicious music career at the age of six when he received his first drum kit. A few years later and with no formal training, he was playing general business engagements with his father’s band and others who clearly recognized his gift.

Thomas would later go on to teach himself other instruments including the bass, guitar and piano. With each instrument it became clear that Thomas was destined for recognition within the complex realm of music. He continued to develop his talents exploring the world of musical composition. The distinct pieces of his prodigious talents (drums, guitar, bass, piano and vocals) were being sewn together.

As a teen-ager, Thomas established a reputation as an inspired singer/songwriter. He was provided considerable artistic license with various jazz ensembles and local area bands in which he performed. Influenced by a wide-ranging collection of artists such as Sting, Don Henely, Kenneth Edmonds, Butch Vig and Seal, Thomas later started releasing EPs of his material.

Thomas ultimately afforded himself the opportunity to expand his limits and broaden his musical expression with the completion of his own studio. This has served as his foundation for composing, performing and producing all his most recent work. Thomas has never thought of popular music as a fashion, it’s far more personal and precious than that. He has always taken the long-term view that an artist's achievements are judged by a body of work and a lifetime's development that is independent from current musical trends in society.

Along with his passion for music, Thomas is an ardent supporter for various charities. His advocacy for Cancer research and awareness mirrors his art in its universal outreach.