Brendon Ruddick

Brendon Ruddick


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Written By: Brendon Ruddick

She walks down the street with her little black dress on
She likes to prove that she aint a little momma's girl
Fixing her hair in the park in the sun
She bends over and picks a dandelion
She goes up to the trailer and buys a chilly dog
She takes a bite, sauce drops to her feet
She looks at a boy she sees
Then goes up to the corner where her friends all meet
She's so hip, hip hey (repeat)

Walking up the avenue of leafy elms
She hitches up her skirt where an insect bites
She laughs so loud at a joke you can tell
She's not afraid to let someone know what feels good
They all buy up big inside the donut shop
She licks pink icing then pats the hairy little dog
She swears as they pass the old man with his hand out
Then sit outside the pinballs where the boys hang out
She's so hip, hip hey (repeat)

She checks out her lipstick in a shop window
Then fixes her hair messed up when the wind blowed
She catches up with her friends outside the shop
Then sits on a bench with her shoes off
Laughin' as the little hairy dog licks her toes
Her teeth are flashing light as the sun goes down
She looks at her watch then picks up her things
Then takes off for her daddy's home

She's so hip, hip hey (repeat)