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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



Brenn is the most intriguing local band I have ever encountered. Not only talented but also business-minded, I believe Brenn is on the track to success. I have had the opportunity to attend two of their many live performances in the past year, one of which was a major concert event in our area. The guys opened for BarlowGirl on August 23, 2005. The show as entertaining and fun. A crowd quickly gathered in front of the stage; this jumping mass of “Brenn lovers” set the tone for the entire concert.

A few weeks before the concert we featured the single, “It’s Over,” on the Smash or Trash contest on our Hot A/C station, Alive 95. “It’s Over” is my favorite song from Brenn; our audience agreed, “It’s Over” smashed by an overwhelming vote. As a result, the single got about half a dozen spins per week in late nights and over nights in the weeks leading up to the concert.

I have often described their sound as “Coldplay meets Modest Mouse.” Two great bands to be compared to, for sure, but the uniqueness of Brenn should not be forgotten. With original music and lyrics that engage the mind and heart, excellent stage shows, and aggressive marketing,Brenn is beyond the average local band. - Abby Summers (Production Director/Morning Co-host of ALIVE 95)


I have had the pleasure of seeing Brenn play many times in the past year. Everytime I have come out to their shows, the band swoons the audiences with a typhoon of sound, consisting of massive synth attacks, unmistakable melodies, and beautiful sultry lyrics. The music entertains everyone, even the worst ADD listener.

- Christopher Garmon (Producer/Artist, Birmingham, AL)


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WHEN DO I GET TO HEAR “IT’S OVER?” I WANT IT! I WANT IT! I WANT IT! I LUST FOR IT, much like I lust for Brenn...

Pierce Addison, Sarasota FL

I think I'm going to repeat my college career just to hear Brenn.
Lindsay Griffith, Chattanooga TN

So when can you guys come to memphis?
Beale street is ready to hear.
Midtown is ready to hear.
U of M is ready to hear.
Pretty much everybody on the planet is ready.

Amy Fuerst, Memphis TN

The new stuff sounds awesome! Hurry up already and get me a CD that I can stick in the spinner

Haley Dykes, Cleveland TN

I NEED SOME Brenn loving like Oreo’s need milk. COME PLAY LIVE ASAP!

Jared Romano, Atlanta GA

My sister showed me Brenn and I can’t wait to get an album! Honestly (Lead Vocalist) Joel’s voice is like warm water!

Jesi Ketter, Boulder CO
- (The Fans Themselves!)


With their first true studio release Brenn has embarked on what can best be described as the preface to a long and inventive musical experience found where the experimental meets a relentless emotion wrapped in accessible pop/rock sensibilities.

In current form the four piece converges in what can best be described as ambient/melodic rock. They have certainly carved their own path through a myriad of cookie-cutter modern rock bands to make a distinctive mark with musical integrity that ensures a long career beyond typical fly-by-night success. This great balance comes in their memorable melodies and emotive textures that still place their sound firmly within the mainstream of rock in the year 2006. They are a pleasure to work with and are never short on creativity. It has been my pleasure to help them through this debut release"

Stephen Gause
Invertigo Productions
Nashville, TN

- Stephen Gause, producer (Invertigo Productions)


Rooms EP ***

You can visit the following websites to hear the Rooms EP, and other new music.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Two words describe Brenn: focused energy.

The sound is almost a pleasing paradox as each musician is completely aware of what he is adding to the creation at every moment. Lyrically, the music is literary, but not lofty. The music reveals a corporate maturity in that each player knows exactly what his role in the music.

This perfection in the control of passion and energy is the essence of Brenn.