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Brenna Vick

Memphis, Tennessee, United States | SELF

Memphis, Tennessee, United States | SELF
Band Country Singer/Songwriter


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"Learning on 'Fly'"

Prodigy is a word that has not yet been completely devalued by a culture prone to excessive hyperbole. And even suggesting it be used to describe Brenna Vick might cause her to cringe. But it's not overstating matters to say the 17-year-old Morris girl is a unique musical talent.

The daughter of two music teachers, Vick began dinging about the time she learned to talk. Vick began singing in church as a kindergartner, memorizing the refrains of songs because she couldn't read the word, much less music. She began playing piano in first grade and began writing songs as a fifth grader.

She regularly sings and accompanies herself at local ceremonies and weddings - including an early Decemeber performance before several thousand people welcoming area National Guard troops home from Iraq - and she recently released a 14-cut CD which includes nine of her own songs.

"I'd rather sing in front of 5,000 than speak in front of 500," Vick said. "I feel more comfortable that way. It's an easy way to express how I feel."

Vick is spending her final high school year as a post-secondary student at the University of Minnesota, Morris. She plays oboe for the UMM band, tenor saxophone in jazz band, and she's a member of the UMM Concert Choir.

Proceeds from her CD, titled "Fly," are earmarked to help pay for a two-week spring tour of the West Coast with the Concert Choir.

And next year, Vick will attend the University of Memphis with the goal of a career in music. She'll pursue a music industry major concentrating on recording technology and studio work.

"A lot of people start there," Vick said. "I kind of want a back up. I know I want to be in the music industry no matter what I do. If I can't make it singing, I still want to be in it."

The career in singing at least has a foundation.

Vick first began listening and writing country and pop music, but her influences lately have melded somewhat to folk pop.

In addition to the nine songs she wrote for "Fly," the disc includes four songs by Keri Noble and a song by Jewel, whose style is an obvious influence on Vick's recording.

"That's what a lot of the songs now are like," Vick said, "Some of the early songs I wrote beginning back in 2002. There is a definite difference in the new songs. It's the same kind of feel, but it's obvious that they've progressed."

The recording process was stripped down and simple, Vick said. UMM professor, Ken Hodgson mastered and engineered the recording at the UMM Recital Hall as a part of his CC Productions, with Vick accompanying herself on piano or guitar.

"The whole thing took a couple of hours," she said. "A lot of the songs are first takes; we didn't do any editing. It's a live recording."

And that's the feel she hoped for. A touch of that unique talent as it's only beginning to blossom.

"The songs really are me," Vick said.
- Morris Sun Tribune 01/04/2006


Fly (2005) - full-length album
Something Revealed (2009) - full-length album
Live at The Edge Coffeehouse (2009)
Music Highway EP (2010)



With her unique fusion of crystal clear pop vocals and folksy guitar finger-picking, Brenna has impressed audiences from Minnesota to Memphis. Born and raised in a small town in Minnesota, many of Brenna's songs draw from her experiences growing up, and have melodies inspired by Jewel, Bob Dylan, and other folk artists.

Brenna studied Recording Technology at the University of Memphis, and is now pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts in Recording Arts and Technology at Middle Tennessee State University. Her recent move to the Nashville area has cultivated her sound into a new spin on country music.

"A musical prodigy" is what the Sun Tribune in Morris, Minnesota - Brenna's hometown - calls her in the article promoting her first full length album, Fly, which was released in 2005 in Morris as a fundraiser for her choir tour with the University of Minnesota. "I've always said that I'd rather sing in front of five thousand people than speak in front of five," she comments in the same article, expressing her level of comfort on stage.

Brenna Vick stands out among current musicians in that she loves to perform for people who listen and is content in that. "If I can continue to reach people with my stories through music, I'll be happy playing in coffeehouses for the rest of my life. For me, music is about the experience of not only the listener, but also of myself as the performer. It is a way for everyone to feel something together, even if the emotions are drawn from a different place," she comments about her passion for music.