Brennon John

Brennon John


If Bob Dylan and Robert Johnson got together to write a song for Mississippi John Hurt doing an imitation of Tom could easily be a song out of the repertoire of Brennon John.


After completing his childhood quite successfully in the once-booming Pennsylvania Railroad hub, Altoona, our hero (like most young people of an adult status yet malleable mentality) was corralled into an institution of higher learning where he spent the better part of six years. While operating under the guise of a student of architecture, Brennon cultivated his love of traditional folk, blues and bluegrass, producing a vast body of musical work while becoming acquainted with a variety of instruments. After completing the academic chapter of his life, Brennon John, like so many who came before, packed his bags and headed for the Nashville skyline. He and his motley crew of wayward gypsy souls set up camp, surrounding themselves with kindred spirits of similar mind from all walks of life and many diverse locales... During his stay in Music city, Brennon released one album which is gaining both popularity and notoriety, VARIATIONS: I. After spending a year collaborating with some of the greatest talent music has to offer, Brennon John decided to walk away from the bright lights of Nashville to operate his music career from his home in the Pennsylvania mountains.


Tomorrow I'll Be...

Written By: Brennon John

Made one phone call for that's all they allowed
I said please please Aunt Betty won't you come and bail me out
Down at the station, precinct 44
She replied we don't want none and I'd like it if you'd call no more.

These iron bars can't hold me
I'm in the jailhouse now, but tomorrow I'll be...
walkin', I do believe I'll be a-walkin'

Bloodhound did me in, sniffed out me trail
Now I got nobody to come and post my bail
But I do have someone and he's on my bond
But when death comes slippin' in the room past midnight I'll be gone

These iron bars can't hold me
I'm in the jailhouse now, but tomorrow I'll be...
fishin', I do believe I'll be a-fishin'

Warden, oh warden won't you throw a man a bone
I confess, 'twas no one's fault but my own
So shackle my feet, and cuff my hands too
But I'm a rehabilitated man, ain't nothin' you can do

These iron bars can't hold me
I'm in the jailhouse now, but tomorrow I'll be...
ramblin', I do believe I'll be a-ramblin''

Restless night after restless night
I'm seein' double but either way there's no end in sight
I got bad dreams but when I wake it's ten times worse
There's always something in the corner of my eye
Some call the nurse

These iron bars can't hold me
I'm in the jailhouse now, but tomorrow I'll be...
flyin'...high flyin'

Run River Run

Written By: Brennon John

I'm on my back, I feel the earth move.
I hear the stars' song, I hear the horse's hooves.
Through the forest, through the pines, on the cavalry rides.
The candle burns at the altar where the groom awaits his bride.

Run river run, run to the sea.
Run river run, quietly.

Autumn has come, smell her dying leaves.
Her morning chill brings the morning thieves.
While the princess still sleeps on a pillow of down,
Deaf to the kingdom's cries.
In the meadow, the grass turns brown where the beast lies down to die.

Run river run, run to the sea.
Run river run, don't wait for me.

Got a wandering eye, I got a greedy hand.
Another ship, has spied the land.
Milk and honey, silver and gold, the sailors cry for more.
The cup overflows, the table turns, desire spills to the floor.

Run river run, run to the sea.
Run river run, please forgive me.

I got a weary mind, I got a tired tongue.
My flesh is old, but my heart is young.
Go my child be on your way, it's time I stayed behind.
My eyes are weak, the world's gone dim, one day I may even go blind.

Run river run, run to the sea.
Run river run, I give thanks to thee.

Waitin' On The Flood

Written By: Brennon John

The ground is dry, there's not a cloud in sight. there's no sign of rain

And I fall down to my knees where every prayer I've ever had was in vain


I'm waitin' on the flood to come my way, I'll just carry on another day

Waitin' on the flood to come my way, Lord come and wash it all away...

Nobody hears me, no one even cares, or maybe I've got nothing to say

Another swing of the hammer, drives another nail, just like yesterday


It takes a lifetime to build and one day to destroy, in a blink all you had is gone

But I'll just sit here with the stars, I'll sit here all night, just to see the dawn



a compilation of songs selected from a volume of unreleased material that numbers over 100 songs, spanning the length of 10 years.

Set List

With the many songs both written and covered, Brennon's set list can vary from venue to venue. He can do a half hour or he can do 3 hours.

Each Set List is designed to tell a story for the specific venue and audience, whether it be a quiet coffee shop, a rowdy bar, or a larger theatre.

'Til I Found You
Train to Catch
Thomas and the Wishing Well
Steppin' Out
Southbound Train
Fine and Fragile Line
Another Man Down
There's a War Goin' On
Gentleman Jim and His Blue-eyed Gal
Steady Job
On the Highway
We Will Make it Through
Come Back Soon
Waitin' On the Flood
Run River Run
Forgive a Thief
If You Please
Country Mile
Roll Big Wheel Roll
Never Did Me Right (Never Did Me Wrong)
I'm Gone
Get Along to the Water
Tomorrow I'll Be...
Hat Up and Fare Thee Well

the list can go on.

Some songs covered by Brennon John:

Sixteen Tons
Highway 61 (Dylan)
Po' Boy (Bob Dylan)
It Hurts Me Too
Folsom Prison
Ring of Fire
I Still Miss Someone
I Walk the Line
Long Bla