Brent Adair

Brent Adair

 Austin, Texas, USA

A disarmingly honest singer/songwriter. Vivid tales under colorful textures. Creamy and quirky folk-pop from Austin, TX.


"This is a song about oatmeal raisin cookies, smooth jazz, and life after death," Adair was heard introducing one of his songs recently at a show. Whether due to an overdeveloped appreciation of the dialogical method or an underdeveloped sense of hidden logic, it's no more than you would expect from an economist-turned-computer-programmer-turned-singer-songwriter.

A native Texan, Adair grew up in Houston in a family of six that apparently had a bigger impact on his music than the locale. "For almost 12 straight years, everybody was yelling and nobody was listening. That forces you to get creative."

It could very well be that this was the latent inspiration for his sophomore release, "Ostrich," released in May 2008. Calling to mind artists such as Death Cab, Damien Rice, and John Vanderslice, "Ostrich" straddles alternative singer-songwriter and indie pop. To help craft his sound, Adair was joined by producer/engineer/guitarist Billy Harvey (Bob Schneider, Steve Poltz, Kacy Crowley) to collaborate on the project. The result is a series of imaginatively crafted narratives exposed through artful and textured productions. Lyrically, his themes range from the joy of vacation to the ethics of fidelity, from the invincibility of youth to the geometry of attraction. Yet any perceived thematic weight is happily offset by his creamy, airy vocals. "I always wanted one of those gruff, nineties-era rock-n-roll voices," he admits. "But you can only hear 'Thank you for your time, Ms. Adair' from nameless phone solicitors so many times before realizing you have a problem with self-perception."

His 2004 debut, "Pieces," not only introduced him to Austin but landed him regular gigs at some of Austin's favorite venues, including the Saxon Pub, Momo's, and Central Market, as well as live performances on Austin's primary AAA radio stations and Fox 7 News. In addition to his band's local performing and regional touring, "Pieces" saw significant success on the national college/non-commercial radio circuit, with adds at more than 130 stations nationwide, including over 40 stations with heavy rotation.

Now he alternates between solo acoustic appearances and tasteful collectives, having cut his teeth with multiple residencies around Austin, as well as tours through the South, Midwest, Northwest, and Northeast.

In terms of accolades, Brent has his share of ribbons, including a "Paste Recommends" nod from Paste Magazine, grand prize in a songwriting contest that landed him a slot opening for James Taylor sibling Livingston Taylor. Other notable opening performances include Bob Schneider, W.C. Clark, South Austin Jug Band, and 54 Seconds.

Look for Brent on tour in support of "Ostrich." And eating oatmeal raisin cookies.


Inside Me

Written By: Brent Adair

you walk down the alley you stroll through the valley
to find there one you know
you dream through the faces to far away places
places you never could go

but the distance is not what it seems
rise over run i know what it means

how did you get inside me?
how did you get inside me?
how did you get inside me?

i read through the mail and chase on my tail cause i wanted to see you again
i tried to be silhouette but black bleeds and turns to red
i never wanted to win

i still have a hint of your taste
i still feel your kisses from so far away


i've seen you a thousand times with threads for a thin disguise
i wanted to tell you before

Time Away

Written By: Brent Adair

lately i been feelin' kinda strange
maybe a little bit deranged
i think i need some kinda change in my life

gonna pack my little car
pick me out some distant star
and follow it as far as i can see
by the sugar and coffee
it's time to ease the monotony

everybody needs some time away
everybody needs some time away

i burned my eye on the sun
i grabbed a bite but bit my tongue
i did my deed but it just all came undone

so meet me at the corner store
flip the light and shut the door
i had the less now i'm all for the more
i see of the reason
the more i'm inclined to believe that

everybody needs some time away
everybody needs some time away

Elbow Pads

Written By: Brent Adair

ants they have antennae, i guess that's all they need
to assimilate changes with grace, aplomb, and ease
the line now weaves around my foot, up the crack, and right back toward the tree

not sure how long i've been here but my ass it keeps the time
i'm sure i'd hear the ticking if this watch would just rewind
i've heard this bolt latch countless times but always from the other side

my head is bouncing memories off this door on which it lay
i can barely see the colors and i don't look good in gray
by morning it should be better but is time the only price i have to pay

now this is where she finds him for once with no disguise
and this is where he sees it all through someone else's eyes
and this is where they walk away and leave it where it lies

at night i feel it pushing through my veins
and wish there was a habit i could blame
it takes away the breath and leaves a scar but it never leaves a name

once is not enough you know, but once is all you got
so set it on the mantle so you see just what you bought
then look inside and see just what it is and what it's not then let it lie

the dress and shoes fit perfectly but if you're asking me
i'd thicken up the elbow pads and cover both your knees
cause there's no going round this one just have to wait and see

at night i feel you pushing through my veins
and wish my little habit i could blame
it takes away the pain and leaves a scar but it never leaves a name

i shrink into a corner with my shame
then stand before you naked as i came
it's something i can feel and i can see, but it's nothing i can name

now all the light is gone just like before
and i'm laying on my bed outside your door
and i stare into the eaves as i wonder if i ever loved you more

If I Could Sleep

Written By: Brent Adair

i got a postcard
i got a letter
i got a picture
i got a nice room with a view
i got a candle
it's scented lilac vanilla
all i'm missing is the popcorn
i got a movie
we'll go out to dinner
get a nice table for two
i got a coupon
for a complimentary entre
all i'm missing is...

sleep if i could sleep
how life would be so happy
and not so blurry
sleep if i could sleep
i know i'd be the man you always wanted

i sold my condo
i got a floorplan
it's got lots of closets
with extra shelving for shoes
i got a Honda
it's got airbags and a carseat
all i'm missing is a pillow
i need more pillows
i got lots of blankets
but 13 pillows won't do
so i'm off to Target
no, i mean Nordstrom's, yeah Nordstrom's
see all i'm all confused without...


i got a lighter
i dropped the bottle
went to a meeting
the sky was covered in blue
i show up early
cause it's the morning
when all i'm missing is...



Written By: Brent Adair

i feel like superman on my daily flight
across the universe got my kryptonite
with my x-ray eyes i can see from here
things are looking fine down in the atmosphere

i feel like number one in the title game
got my bubble gum and my hall of fame
i'm gonna turn it on for the world to see
now it's overtime i'm makin' history

maybe i believe it and baby i can feel it what a feelin', what a feelin'
try to find the one there and drive it back to somewhere i can see
i can see they all go back to you

i feel like the cover girl in some magazine
with a centerfold and a glossy sheen
i tilt my chin as i squint my eyes
when the flashes burn i'm immortalized

now i'm miller time on a summer day
i'm a burst of red in a world of grey
if i lay it out like a daisy chain
it would wrap the world and double back again


i moved around and i pushed aside
but i don't know how and i don't know why
if i knew it now like i knew it then
things would never change they would never end



Written By: Brent Adair

the meter stopped at $19.50
the street and my wallet were empty
your apartment smelled of Pinesol and whiskey
i was feverish, drowned, and happy

i guess i missed your note on the table
we're always in such a hurry it seems
i'm sure the words were eloquent, balanced, and sweet

every time you turn away and hide
you leave me no way out
cause i cannot be the one
always fighting
for us not to come untied

memory drips like a faucet
honesty leaks through the pen
it's hard to try not to remember
how everything's bound to end
it's hard to not want to remember
how everything's bound to end

there we are dancing out ‘til the sunrise
tomorrow feels forever away
the apartment's shrinking and nobody's laughing
nobody's laughing


Pieces (LP) - 2004
Ostrich (LP) - 2008

Set List

Originals plus obscure covers, up to 2 hour show