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Brent Adair

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Singer/Songwriter


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"Blue Divide Magazine"

"Shifting from cool-headed rhythm and blues to balls-out power pop in the blink of an eye, 'Pieces' showcases what could be the freshest sound to hit the singer/songwriter scene in years." - J. Cannon

"Music Morsels"

You may be thinking another singer/songwriter from Austin?! Before dismissing anything take a listen to Brent Adair. He interjects a healthy dose of pop styles with respect for roots from the likes of Dylan and Guthrie. His emotive voice takes on many personalities and fits the subtle songwriting idiosyncrasies, from the slyly funky "Vain" and the outlaw country fueled "Misery" to the U2 inspired "Never Divide." Great vocals and lyrics are the glue that bonds it all together. - NA


Sometimes I have to restrain myself from jumping in my car and moving to Austin Texas. The music scene there is so rich with emerging artists ranging in all different aspects of styles. Brent’s style is adult contemporary with an affinity for blues, funk, and rock. You can hear Ben Harper and Pete Yorn especially in the lyrical approach. This is a great debut CD to kick off the year. - J-Sin


"I don’t know what to call it, but I LIKE it!" [John Aielli, 90.5 FM KUT]

"I’m gonna spin every track on this record." [Don Workman, 97.7 FM WOLV, Houghton, MI]

"Adair is a performer of a rare breed. I heard him live with his band at a club in Austin, after another band I had come to hear. I was going to leave after two songs to just check it out... I didn't walk out for 2 more hours. They rocked." [Sarah Collings, Austin, TX]

"Wow. I brought Brent in to play a singer/songwriter showcase at a small coffee house, and his songs reached out and grabbed me in a way that very few artists have ever done. He has a charming sense of ease about him in an intimate setting. I can't wait to have him back." [Jennifer Rogers, Houston, TX]

"With this album, Brent Adair becomes one of my favorite singer/songwriters. His lyrics have a way finding their ways inside and holding on. The sincerity of "One of These Days," together with the loveable melody, will make this one of your favorites on the album. "Now That You're Gone" will take you to another place and haunt you (in a good way). You won't be able to hide the wisecrack grin on your face during "Better Day Blues." The title track, "Pieces" puts it all together--the insight, the rhythm, the resonance. You can't help but trust your intuition on his music--that this guy is for real. Get the CD and catch him live…you'll feel like you discovered something very worthwhile and you'll want to tell your friends about him too." [Parisa F., Fan, Austin, TX]

"The artist demostrates a wide range of talent in this release - everything from easy listening to rap to blues. Vocals are very good, with nice backup from his band. At least 2 cuts could easily be Top 40 material. I would highly recommend this CD." [Kaylen, Fan, Austin, TX]

"Pieces is the first album from this up and coming singer songwriter out of Austin, TX. The album is an interesting mix of blues, rock and pop. The lyrics are powerful and the sound is so good that this album has made its way into my regular play list. I highly recommend checking it out." [KC, Fan, Minneapolis, MN]
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"Austin Chronicle"

Tangentially minded local singer-songwriter Brent Adair follows up 2004's Pieces with a homespun album of faraway themes. Streaming reflective, bare-bones folk-pop alongside lyrics that prefer the scenic route, Ostrich may be an acquired taste, but it's one of iconoclastic distinction. Adair and handyman producer Billy Harvey set the mood right up front with "Time Away," a wit-soaked spin on the old-fashioned sabbatical. Insomniacs everywhere will relate to "If I Could Sleep," a mundane laundry list of creature comforts that comes up painfully short in comparison to an elusive good night's shut-eye. "Untied" is an unflinchingly melancholic portrait of a relationship in disintegration mode, while "Inside Me" marvels in joy and befuddlement at how love can rearrange your insides. After all that, closing instrumental "White Fingers" adds a slightly elegiac Gary Numan synth bed to Death Cab contemplation. If there's ever a sequel to Garden State, this might be a good place to start the soundtrack. - Greg Beets

"Texas Music Magazine"

In a city where talent runs like tap water, and a singer-songwriter can be found at every street corner, coffee shop, and hipster’s sofa, it’s hard to stand out. With Ostrich, Austin musician Brent Adair not only stands out, but shines. Adair’s second release is full of lush imagery, depicting life and love, restlessness and renewal, travel and settling down. Producer Billy Harvey (Bob Schneider, Steve Poltz, Kacy Crowley) adds a playfulness that nicely complements Adair’s sensitive lyrics and melodies. Tapping into modern influences like Death Cab, Bright Eyes, and M. Ward, Adair’s songs are accessible and familiar, yet distinctive and fresh. From the bouncy ballad “Time Away” to the quirky, funny “If I Could Sleep,” Adair demonstrates a breadth of musical and lyrical versatility. “Superman” blends a touch of punk with rollicking country, and a chorus reminiscent of early Eagles, America, or Ryan Adams circa Gold. The haunting keyboards on “Arctic” accompany lyrics that are poignant and honest (“You came crashing in, and poured right out of me”), yet not overly sentimental. A simple, acoustic arrangement delivers the inquisitive ache of “Inside Me.” And, like the note on the table in “Untied,” Adair has a knack for words “eloquent, balanced, and sweet.” The CD closes with the instrumental “White Fingers,” offering a chance to reflect, make sense of it all, and write your own ending. Ostrich, with its focused and crisp arrangement, represents significant growth from Adair’s first effort Pieces (2004), and firmly establishes him in Austin’s exceptionally prolific pool of talent. - Cindy Royal


Local songwriter and indie pop loose spirit Brent Adair covers a lot of melodic ground on Ostrich, his second self-released full-length. Moments of unique individualism are bedrocked with tight, finger-snap tunes. Adair gives listeners room to wander, but never too far to lose sight of the insightful lyrics. Adair takes Momo’s stage at 9:45 pm Saturday, followed by rising songstress Suzanna Choffel who has been seen in the recording studio herself these days. The $10 cover charge comes with a copy of Adair’s Ostrich.
- Dante Dominick

"Waco Tribune-Herald"

Slightly more than a decade ago, Brent Adair was a Baylor University student working on an economics degree and performing music with his twin brother Craig on the side.

Now he’s a full-fledged musician, albeit one with a little more business and computer savvy than most, and comes back to Waco tonight as head of his own band.

The Austin-based Adair and his four-piece band performs at Treff’s Bar & Grill, part of his efforts to expand his circle of venues beyond Austin. He plays regularly at Austin venues Saxon Pub, Momo’s and HEB Central Market, but Austin’s a hard market to make money, he noted in a recent phone interview.

At the same time, finding the right place out of town for his distinctive blend of pop, acoustic rock, funk, and light jazz takes a bit of time.

“We really like these quirky places that allow this eclectic style,” he said.

Adair, who performed in Waco with his brother Craig in their acoustic band Mirror Image, considers himself a Texas musician, but “Texas music” these days tends to label a blend of country, blues-rock and Americana and that’s not what he does.

He and his band do a little rockabilly and two-steppin’ tunes in their sets, but Adair’s music, particularly as captured in his cd Pieces, leans more to a diverse pop-rock with lyrics often introspective and personal.

After graduation and a bit of travel, Adair began working on computers, but found more satisfaction in writing and performing music. He still blends the two to pay the bills, but music and songwriting is his career emphasis these days and led him to relocate from Houston to Austin.

In songs like “Pieces,” “Count Me Out” and “Misery,” Adair sings from the far side of broken relationships, while “One of These Days” and “Never Divide” vow the singer’s plans to take charge of his life.

Autobiographical? Only partly. “If something rhymes really well, there’s probably a little bit of fiction mixed in,” he said.

And with Adair recently moving into the new plateau of family life, new perspectives are sure to follow.

He and his wife Shelley, also a Baylor graduate, have an 8-week old daughter, Mabry. Will we see some Adair songs about parenthood on the horizon? He chuckled. “Moments of intensity seem to be what inspire me to write,” he said. “I’ve got two or three different songs I’m working out.”

The singer-songwriter aims to produce a second album in the near future, hoping to build on the success of Pieces and draw the attention of an independent record label willing to support his performing.

What can audiences expect tonight? “There’s a lot of diversity in what we do. A blues tune followed by a funk tune followed by a jazz tune,” he said. “Be prepared for anything.” - Carl Hoover

"Other Mentions"

• Austin American Statesman, “Best Bets,” March 7, 2005.
• Austin City Council Proclamation, “Brent Adair Day” for city council performance, Mayor Will Wynn, May 19, 2005.
• UT SAGE Journal, Panelist for Spring Enrichment Seminar on “Austin and the Rise of the Creative Class,” March 2003
• Austin American-Statesman, “Why the Creative Come Here,” special series on Richard Florida’s The Rise of the Creative Class by Mark Lisheron and Bill Bishop, May 12, 2002.
- Various

"Paste Magazine"

Ostrich selected by Paste Magazine for inclusion in its national "Paste Recommends" independent music promotion program for August 2008. In the program, 12 releases are selected nationwide for highlight on the "Paste Recommends" kiosk display in 60 indie record stores around the country as well as the Paste Recommends website ( - Paste Recommends


Pieces (LP) - 2004
Ostrich (LP) - 2008



"This is a song about oatmeal raisin cookies, smooth jazz, and life after death," Adair was heard introducing one of his songs recently at a show. Whether due to an overdeveloped appreciation of the dialogical method or an underdeveloped sense of hidden logic, it's no more than you would expect from an economist-turned-computer-programmer-turned-singer-songwriter.

A native Texan, Adair grew up in Houston in a family of six that apparently had a bigger impact on his music than the locale. "For almost 12 straight years, everybody was yelling and nobody was listening. That forces you to get creative."

It could very well be that this was the latent inspiration for his sophomore release, "Ostrich," released in May 2008. Calling to mind artists such as Death Cab, Damien Rice, and John Vanderslice, "Ostrich" straddles alternative singer-songwriter and indie pop. To help craft his sound, Adair was joined by producer/engineer/guitarist Billy Harvey (Bob Schneider, Steve Poltz, Kacy Crowley) to collaborate on the project. The result is a series of imaginatively crafted narratives exposed through artful and textured productions. Lyrically, his themes range from the joy of vacation to the ethics of fidelity, from the invincibility of youth to the geometry of attraction. Yet any perceived thematic weight is happily offset by his creamy, airy vocals. "I always wanted one of those gruff, nineties-era rock-n-roll voices," he admits. "But you can only hear 'Thank you for your time, Ms. Adair' from nameless phone solicitors so many times before realizing you have a problem with self-perception."

His 2004 debut, "Pieces," not only introduced him to Austin but landed him regular gigs at some of Austin's favorite venues, including the Saxon Pub, Momo's, and Central Market, as well as live performances on Austin's primary AAA radio stations and Fox 7 News. In addition to his band's local performing and regional touring, "Pieces" saw significant success on the national college/non-commercial radio circuit, with adds at more than 130 stations nationwide, including over 40 stations with heavy rotation.

Now he alternates between solo acoustic appearances and tasteful collectives, having cut his teeth with multiple residencies around Austin, as well as tours through the South, Midwest, Northwest, and Northeast.

In terms of accolades, Brent has his share of ribbons, including a "Paste Recommends" nod from Paste Magazine, grand prize in a songwriting contest that landed him a slot opening for James Taylor sibling Livingston Taylor. Other notable opening performances include Bob Schneider, W.C. Clark, South Austin Jug Band, and 54 Seconds.

Look for Brent on tour in support of "Ostrich." And eating oatmeal raisin cookies.