Brent Berry & Honest Abe

Brent Berry & Honest Abe


Featuring a fine blend of Americana and Afro-Coastal flavors,from Taos, New Mexico.


Drawn first to the sound of the drums, Brent Berry began his musical career at the age of twelve. Hashing out rhythms on an old marching snare quickly matured into a position in the Kansas City St Andrews Bagpipe and Drum Core. Under the direction of Drum Sgt. Rick Southall, Berry developed a deep-rooted respect for traditional music of world.

After becoming one of the premier young side drummers in the Midwest, Brent began studying congas and djembe with teacher Mathew Brown Jr. formerly of the Sun Ra Arkestra. Moving from the classroom to the walkways of Westport, Kansas City, Brent flourished under Brown's instruction. In 1994 Brent was introduced to the Kansas City Traditional Music Society, a family of musicians that fostered Brent's growing love of traditional and folk music. Under the guidance of Mater Drummer Augustine Diaz, Bird Flemming, and Pat Conway, Brent was exposed to Rumba, Congo, and Bata Rhythms.

In the fall of 1996 Berry moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico to study Bomba Plena and Nyabinghi with the local elders. Continuing his pursuit of knowledge, Brent left Puerto Rico for Europe in the spring of 1997. While busking from Cadiz,Berlin,Helsinki,Paris,Cork,Dublin,Zurich and to Amsterdam (Brent's favourite town in the world), Berry's talent for singing and songwriting emerged. After returning from Europe Berry performed with Bird Flemming and Smaba Du Mau at the Kansas City International Reggae festival. This performance inspired Berry to play with a host of KC Reggae, World, and Funk groups including BGR, Common Ground, The Band That Saved the World, and the Lawrence based rocksteady/reggae group The Secondhands.

In 1999 Brent struck up a relationship with Tom Johnson, composer/arranger for The Secondhands, and began work on his debut solo recording. In February of 2001, Brent released his debut solo full-length Inland on St Louis based Kick Save Records. Inland developed into a superb culmination of roots reggae, rocksteady, and folk music.

From Lawrence, Kansas to Long Island, New York,
St.John,Virgin Islands to Taos, New Mexico and has performed with legendary acts such as the Slackers, Hepcat, The Skatalites, Wailing Souls, Mad Professor, Sizzla, Boom Shaka, Luciano, and Toots and The Maytals, King Django, Sister Carol and Ritchie Havens.
Moving to Taos ,New Mexico in the fall of 2002, Brent began work on a new group. Finding faith in the fingers of producer/bass player Jack Wilson, the old tyme sound of dobro and guitar of James Rann, and the fine mandolin of Dan Irion and sweet harmony and percussion of Kirry Nelson. "Monsoon" ,the debut release of " Brent Berry & Honest Abe" was made in 2004. A new chapter in in Brent's sonwriting began. " Afro-Coastal Americana-Grass",kicking the walls down into a new genre, expect nothin but fine things from these young musicians in the future.



Written By: brent berry

lovin ,give it to me again
you know i'll never win ,let me sing it again.
sweet,as an angel fly,you know she caught my eye,i'm gonna tell you why
oh this lovin woman what she got over me
I was blind to see but I know it's waitin for me.

(Chorus)I'll wait,I'll bide my time,i keep prayin for that woman she'll be mine,oh would'nt it be fine if she was mine.

I lost all my chances drinkin cherry wine.
If you know how to brew it and you do it's oh so fine.
Malibar was singin to me beneath an old teak tree,she said "baby these are rare ,just like you an me."
ah these days an nites of livin come together
It's like i'm a bird,but i ain't got no feathers
the very first time,that i heard her singin out to me...she was dancin on a street,with a hat beneath her feet ,callin out for the people to meet
this lady quite complete....
now would you give it to me again.


Written By: Brent Berry

Step by step ,I seem to be around. But I never left, been lyin on the ground. Dry dock for my ship The Fair Ali,hope a wind will come and take us out to sea.
Heavy wind upon the ground,if we take the way we're givin. And if the Monsoon come ,mabye we'll be forgivin. And if the day sun-shot shows the way,get me back to sea,and that's it for me.

Madagascar was fine a day,we ran out of water,we did'nt make the cay. Scurvy took about 26 men. I lost my crew and i did'nt know where I'd been.
And when the forgien land is callin,we could have been lovers long ago. And if I met you in Floren, I'd surely know..but friend if the Monsoon come, and the trade winds are blowin ,head for the islands of Canary, and i'll take it slow.


Brent Berry & Honest Abe "Monsoon" fifth sun rec.2005 Brent Berry "Inland" 2000 Kicksave Rec, Brent Berry "Livin' and Lovin"2001 Kicksave Rec, Brent Berry and The Roots Crew "Live At The Jazzhaus 2002 Brent Berry Music

Set List

Sets range from 2-3 hrs, songs played include,"Again,Monsoon,Call On Me, The Mighty 2nd,High Time,Georgias Blues,You Betchya,and others from our record. In spanish ,Tu As Regresado,Mesa Mariposa,Ella Quiere Tu Corazon,Carino Falso,Mi Aleito. Allah le ma Diana,Malanga.. And some americana too!,The Brite Sunny South,Remember You Love In My Prayers, Fallusha(cross the line) 1861,and many others. Covers appear depending on the crowd.