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Brent Brown

Naperville, Illinois, United States | SELF

Naperville, Illinois, United States | SELF
Band Folk Acoustic


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"Five Questions"

At lunchtime, Brent Brown, troubadour at various eateries around Naperville, including Potbelly, competes with conversation and clinking bottles (not to mention occasional orders to "hold the mayo").

Still, the 21-year-old Naperville resident and 2007 Neuqua Valley High School graduate doesn't mind. As he says, "If I were in my house and not doing anything, I would be doing this anyway."

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Brent Brown performs during lunch at the Potbelly on Route 59 in Naperville, one of his regular spots.

(Jonathan Miano/Sun-Times Media)

1. When did you start playing music? "I was always a good singer as a kid. I used to sing like Michael Jackson, but once I hit puberty and my voice changed, I couldn't do that, so I stopped. I didn't sing again until I picked up a guitar (a few years ago). I learned the first three chords and wrote my first song, and now I've written 100 songs."

2. How did you get the Potbelly gig? "You audition. You have to play an hour-long show and see if you're listenable."

3. How is playing for a lunchtime crowd different than from playing for a concert audience? "People have food in their mouths, so they can't sing with you. You kind of have to decide when you're background music and when they're listening. You get mad tips at places like this when you're playing what they like. I've gotten $45 in two hours. Then, some days, you get nothing. I guess it depends on how well I do on the songs. Sometimes they're like, 'Ahh, we've got to clap. He just played his heart out.'"

4. Do you ever get frustrated when people aren't paying attention? "Before I start every show, I remind myself it's not about the money and getting tips. I just remind myself it's about having fun, and I could be doing another job."

5. Have you ever had a strange interaction with a customer? "I got paid $40 once to play two songs in a salon. A guy knew me from playing (at Potbelly) and asked me to go over to a salon to sing to someone for 40 bucks."
- Naperville Sun Times


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As one of the most promising up and coming artists from Chicago, Brent Brown pours everything into his music. It is his passion in life and a way for him to spread positivity into the world around him. Brent’s music is influenced by some of his favorite artists including the Beatles, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Jack Johnson and Otis Redding. He is a versatile musician who sings, plays guitar, bass, drums and dabbles on the keys. Originally from Naperville, he is an accomplished producer with seven self-produced albums to his name. 

With minimal gear and a couple years of experience playing and singing, Brent recorded several early releases including Mind Over Melody which became a sensation on YouTube as it also featured internet blogger and make-up guru Megan Parken. 

After taking up a six month cruise ship tour with Carnival, Brent's voice took a beating and left him virtually voiceless for a little over two months. During this reflective time, he wrote most of Silent Mind’s University. With his voice back to health, Brent sprung back with a vengeance on his fifth release, Soul Candy. This 18 track album offered a run of great songs like “Abbey”, “Ashes” and “Madness.”  “In My Head” quickly grew into a fan favorite and one of Brent's best live jams. 

“Good Morning” is featured as one of the singles on Brent’s sixth release Beyond. This would prove to be the last album produced by Brent that wasn't professionally mixed or mastered.  With the maturing of his songwriting skills with songs like "Young, Wild, Free, Fun", "Hard to Deliver" and "2 Days Ago Tomorrow", the time was right for Brent to begin to take things to the next level. 

Breaking free and feeling a new sense of liberation, Brent wrote “I Got Soul” while moving out of his parents’ house. With the support of his fans, friends and family, Brent also raised $2,000 on Kickstarter to fund the 2014 album release Vision featuring the critically acclaimed song “I Got Soul” 

With an additional album FOR PLAY in the works and a 2015 tour in development, Brent Brown’s energy, passion and commitment to his music remains limitless.  His presence on all major social media and strong connection with his fans is allowing him to enjoy growing support from fans around the world.

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