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Some Sweet Day

Written By: Brent Hager

I knew a good father, a good husband and son.
He was all this and more rolled up into one.
He was loving and caring and quite helpful, too.
A friend who would give freely of his time for you.

And though he was ready to fly away,
When it suddenly happened we knew not what to say
For without him with us, we would surely be lost.
When you care for someone, it always comes with a cost.

And we try to feel lucky to have known him a while
To witness his life, his friendship and smile.
Though it seems that it all has been taken away,
We'll see him again some sweet day.

So here we stand feeling left way behind.
But that is not the case and I think you will find
That he's here in the wind and the trees and the streams,
In your fond memories, your hopes and your dreams.

Our time here my friend has not run its course
And we can't live our lives full of pain and remorse.
Make every day count. That's what he wants you to do
And know that he's patiently waiting for you.

(Chorus twice and then repeat last line of chorus) end