New York City, New York, USA

The Band is on hold until Herb gets back from his Asian adventure. The filming in New Orleans was a lot of fun and we are looking forward to seeing the finished project. Stay posted. Exciting things are on the way!


Brent Kirkpatrick is a twelve year veteran of the indie rock scene. As the drummer for the Austin based band Nogood Boyo he toured the states for three years. After that band dissolved, he moved to Brooklyn in 1998 and began performing and recording his own material. His first release "O" was an ethereal, melodic collection of songs supported by solo performances in New York City. His upcoming release "Never the Water" is more guitar driven while maintaining a strong sense of melody. With the addition of band members HerbieD, Dan Valdez and Jay Beta now performing under the name a'Shellgame, they further deliver a powerful rock current to the solid structure of song and melody. The band is planning to tour in support of the new release but until then can be seen regularly live in New York.


"O"(Brent Kirkpatrick) - 2000
"Never the Water" - 2005