Brentlee              and the ACP

Brentlee and the ACP


The Artist Community Project is a collection of musicians from various styles and genres coming together to meld classic sounds into new distinct music that is both accessible and artistic- bridging the gap between SoCal, Soul, Funk, and Hip-Hop.


Created by Brentlee in 2002, the Artist Community Project sprang up as local musicians from various styles and genres began to congregate weekly in the sanctuary of an old church trying to come up with an original sound. The final product of this mid-west experiment is a mixture of acoustic, jazz, funk, soul, hip-hop, folk, and rock that garner comparison to artists as varied as Ben Harper and Cody Chestnutt to Gnarls Barkley and Charlie Hunter. The band has been in the studio this year, working on their first full-length album, following a line of well received demos and live recordings. The album should be out early next year.


You Know Not

Written By: Brent Copeland, Sam Clark, Juan Jones

The whole damn worlds
been a pushin' me down
since the day that i was born
every time that i take three steps
you push me back four more
You may think that you're the man
you think you got it all figured out
but if you're gonna mess with me
you'll find out what i'm about

You know not what i'm feeling
You know not who I am
You know not what I've been through
You know not Mr. Man

You don't know the things i've seen
You don't know what iv'e been through
please don't try to relate to me cause I don't relate to you
I know that you've got it all
You've got your silver spoon
but if you think you're gonna mess with me
You find out that i'm no fool

Mr. Man, Mr. Man
with a bullet in his hand
trying to knock me down
every place that i stand
well you push in the back
but you got no right
If you gonna mess with me
then there's gonna be a fight

Freedom Song

Written By: Brent Copeland, Juan Jones

With your God in your pocket
and on that you trust
and your losing your religion
because you simply can't work hard enough

and this freedom isn't free at all
and this freedom watch them as they fall
and this freedom you don't know the cost
You spend your whole life
just to afford to pay for it all

It's like three feet high and rising cause you'd sell your Soul for Cash
and I watch as they clap
and laugh as you crash
you know you had to fake it
in this world just to make it
but this message to the people can not be forsaken
I didn't know hip-hop was back untill I heard my first Talib Kweli track
I didn't know Rock-n-Roll was back
I didn't know Rock-n-Roll was back

From the fools golden microphone
like a broken horn you keep saying stupid shit
that proves to warn
that he not busy being born
is busy dying
see you shit is buisness but my stuff is art
all you want's the pocket book
but i just want the heart
I want to be like Bobby D
and sing a song for Martin King
I want to be a protest singer but i never stop nothing

Look at the Stars

Written By: Brent Copeland

It's three a.m. your calling again
Your balling your eyes out
all over my chest
It's sad that I'm lonely
talking to you
It's sad that I'm leaving
no time soon

Look at the Stars
they're fading away
they're fading away from us now

I'm on this roof top
singing this song
I know that your somewhere
not singing along
and all of these miles
I feel like I've earned
maybe I'm wrong
but I think it's my turn

Look at the Stars
they're fading away
they're fading away from us now
Look at the Sky
the Stars are all gone
the building is empty
but the lights are all on

Hymn 135

Written By: Brent Copeland

It's the bible belt hollywood
where the lights shine bright
and the man with the cleanest shoes is king
and the spiritually bankrupt
let their god out of a box
and we stand and we stare
and we sing

and the Church screams
with anti-conformity
so sit down and stand up when we tell you too
do as I say and not as I do
cause it would be a sin
to remain like you
cause you're diferent

3,000 churches on the streets of every town
they lock themselves inside
and they don't come out
and the pre-corpse club
they just smile and frown at me
I should have know this was just
moral supremacy

Do not conform any longer
to the patterns of this world

Delicate Situation

Written By: Brent Copeland, Jerod Rivers

You push me around
You push me away
You push me too hard
Now I just can't stay

So I will run into the arms
into the arms of another lover
maybe you'll be missing when
I am kissing someone else’s lips
look into her eyes
trying not to cry thinking of you
thinking of me
but I’ll be in the arms
of another lover baby

Do you want me to hurt
Do you want me to cry
Does it carry away
all the pain that's inside

deliberately avoiding
delicate situations
the closer I get the harder you push away
proper dreaming
romance hurts to much
you're scared I'll leave so
you make me go away

Being Someone

Written By: Brent Copeland

II'll be your billboard for the world
with your name across my chest
expressing individuality
wearing my brand
and your merchandising our relationship
corporate mergers out of friends
wearing What Would Jesus Do
on your wrist
but you don't know what it means
and everything here is something
everything but me
and I wish I knew what I was like
so I could be more like me
and there is certain social stigma if you don't look like an ad
ostracizing creative minds
because they don't follow the fads

but it's all easier done than said
it's easier to die than to live
and it's easier to fake
a smile than cry
and kids would rather quit than just have to try
but it's all easier done than said

party lines and picket signs a million ad campaigns
commercializing everything
it's all for their gain
entertaining you with nothing
because they told you what you want to see
turn the news on every night
to find out what you believe
and you trade your time for money
and your money for more things
but you don't have time to use them
because you're at work all day
and you reminisce of days gone by
when life was so care free
now you spend all your time deciding who you want to be

everything will be all right
just pull the wool over your eyes
don't think about what you can't see
just conform to society

Set List

Set lists vary from show to show. We have more than 3 hours of material but often play high energy hour sets. We play primarily originals but have about 25 covers that we use on a regulal basis.
Some covers we have done include ...

"Crazy" Gnarls Barkley,
"State of Mind" Raul Midon,
"Provider" NERD,
"Whats Going On" Marvin Gaye
"President" Wyclef Jean
"The Seed" Cody Chesnutt

Also for smaller venues, in-stores, and or coffee shop shows we may play a more stripped down set with less instrumentation and a more acoustic feel.