Brent Lindley

Brent Lindley

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

"If passion was a songwriter with impeccable finger-stylings and an earnest vocal delivery sporting a penchant for natty vests and coifs of chest hair, passion's name would be Brent Lindley. A natural performer with the gift of gab, Brent's songs, like the man himself, court the crowd like a true Southern Romantic, disarming them with sincerity and then wooing them with honeyed words.
-Josh Becker, "Ten Songs From the Edge of Georgia."


"Brent Lindley is an ex- classical guitarist turned Americana hero. Your eyes & ears will get a dose of dizzying guitar work, superb vocals, and the catchiest songs on the market." The Georgia-based Lindley is a performing poet custom designed for the spotlight, a total madman on stage with a professional presence.

His mother was a career disc jockey who exposed Brent to classic rock at a very young age. Some kids loved candy, but Brent couldn’t wait to dig into his mom & dad’s extensive collection of old dusty vinyl records. It was there he drenched his subconscious with the rootsy rhythms of early rock. This exposure made Brent a natural-born groove hound, especially when he received a guitar for his 14th birthday.

After high school Brent expanded his perspective by studying Classical & Flamenco guitar in college, but that meant Brent had to sit down and play – and this Energetic Elvis-Entrepreneur couldn’t hang with a career of sitting. But this decision was no mistake because it surely shaped his unique touch on guitar.

At age 20 Brent served 4 years in the Air Force to fulfill his need to experience adventure, and as a result his songwriting would significantly deepen. He got honorably discharged with a hunger to be a fulltime, professional musician.

From then on, wherever there’s a stage, there’s Brent to be found growing his fan-base. He is a regular at Nashville's Bluebird Cafe. Today this southern gentleman remains avid in his pursuit of writing the perfect song, telling a good story and putting on a great show


The Repo Man

Written By: Brent Lindley

Verse 1:
I'm the Repo Man
And I don't give a damn
You know I'll get what I'm after
And I'll do it with sinister laughter
I'm taking all I can
I'm the Repo Man,

Verse 2:
You don't know what it means...
To live beyond your means
So I'll give you exposure to a thing they call foreclosure
I won't wait to steal away your dreams

I'm gonna take, take, take, take, take, take all that you own

I'm gonna take, take, take, take, take take even your home

Verse 3:
I'm like a thief in the night
I'll take you by surprise
Then I'll steal back what you stole
My G-D have mercy on your soul...
If you slow me down with your fussin' or a fight


Written By: Brent Lindley


Rubi, roll the top down
Cuz we got many more miles to drive
Rubi let your hair down
Cuz I need to feel alive

Verse 1:

Girl you're my only ticket home
You're a doctor to my wound
And to my hair you are a comb
Life ain't easy baby & nothin' comes for free
But I pay no mind when you're making love to me


Verse 2:

I fel like I got up on the wrong side of the bed
My life is like a traffic light that's forever stuck on red
Now there's only one plan to get my head out of disarray - let's put the pedal to the metal girl & get on our way



Been stood up & let down...
I'm a broken cup that's spun around
My soul, somebody bent it
Hey Rubi, help me mend it




A Crucial Connection

Written By: Brent Lindley

Verse 1:

All the god things always take time
Love matures like a bottle of wine
A mere investment can be broken more or less
And so a testament of love I profess


You're my selection for a crucial connection
I will be yours someday

Verse 2:

You're an ocean of secrets
I dive in and feel the pain
I watch your waves surround me
I can feel your hurricane
You save yourself from falling into what you don't know
Let go of the familiar and take some time to grow


Verse 3:

Once in a while let me know you're still there
A simple gesture to make this game seem fair
Cuz I can't feel this way for just no reason
And if I lose you, I lose something to believe in




"Beneath My Sky" LP on

"Vinyl & Wine" EP can be found at

Set List

10 - 15 songs consisting of mostly originals with a few cool covers!

As a working musician, Brent can easily cover 4 hours of music if necessary, but in a showcased circumstance, please see the "audio files" section of the EPK to hear over an hour's worth of original material to include:

The Repo Man
A Crucial Connection
Move To Get Higher
Vinyl & Wine
This is Dutch (& His Muscadine Wine)
Queen Irene
First Generation American Hands
Wish I Was Home

"My Maria" by B.W. Stevenson

"If You Could Read My Mind" by Gordon Lightfoot

"Do It Again" by Steely Dan

The list is endless.....