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Brent Lindley

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | INDIE

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | INDIE
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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"Whotune Radio Interview"

Brent Lindley was interviewed on Whotune Radio where his song "The Repo Man" was also featured. - ~ Perth, Australia

"Rock the Roxy Video Contest Finalist"

Brent entered a video of himself performing into this contest and placed in the top 50 in this international contest! - SXSW Festival, Austin, TX

"Brent Lindley ~ Defining Success"

Brent Lindley has, like the Southern farmer of lore, "worked the soil" with hard earned tools, his being the mighty plow of guitar, toiling daily with aching hands sometimes only to find another break-even chore awaiting at his doorstep. Yet jumping at the next day's opportunities, up again at the early morn with a smile and a tool in his hand, is the mark of perseverance admired by the most accomplished. That drive has made Brent a formidable strength in his profession as a performing songwriter, for he pushes forward without fear of failure, knowing each day at the "plow" gives him an artist's edge over the learned challenges given him of yesterday's lessons." -

"Ten Songs from the Edge of Georgia"

Brent's song "Vinyl & Wine" was a part of a compilation disc of prominent singer-songwriters from Georgia and was distributed state-wide and sold in many stores, to include the Georgia Music Hall of Fame's gift shop.The project was called "Ten Songs from the Edge of Georgia."

"If passion was a songwriter with impeccable finger-stylings and an earnest vocal delivery sporting a penchant for natty vests and coifs of chest hair, passion's name would be Brent Lindley. A natural performer with the gift of gab, Brent's songs, like the man himself, court the crowd like a true Southern Romantic, disarming them with sincerity and then wooing them with honeyed words.
-Josh Becker, "Ten Songs From the Edge of Georgia." -

"Finalist in a UK Competition!"

Brent's song "The Repo Man" was number 1 in the finals of the Overplay's "Play & Rate" competition in 2009 under the "Blues" category -

"Philadelphia Society of Arts Literature & Music"

So many music venues are in the “dime a dozen” category. You pay a cover, wait until the band comes on (and they rarely start on time), have a few drinks (maybe there’s a minimum purchase rate per person), sit through an opener or realize the money you paid at the door isn’t worth what you’re seeing. We’ve all done it and we will all continue to do it. And that’s fine. It’s what we’re used to. But every so often, it’s nice to step away from the norm and have an experience that makes you want to come back again and again, no matter who is playing.
When I was in Nashville this past June, my friend and I spent a Sunday night at the Bluebird Café. If you’ve read about my Tennessee trip in the latest issue of Origivation, I explain that we went to the famed listening room to see a few friends play during the weekly artists showcase. I met Brent Lindley that night, a singer/songwriter from Georgia who played the customary three songs per person time slot and absolutely blew me away. I’m ashamed to say that the genres of music most the artists played that night aren’t exactly my forte, but after hearing Brent with his sweet, southern voice belt out some fantastic lyrics as he played guitar, I knew he could be bigger than big one day. So, I introduced myself after the show, gave him my card and told him I’d try my best to get him a gig in Philadelphia.
Trying to find a bar or venue that would be down with hosting a way out of town-er with southern appeal was difficult. He isn’t know around here and most places have their regular weekly bands play. So, I Googled. Looking for something similar to the Bluebird Café, the first thing I found was the PSALM Salon in Philadelphia, near St. Joseph’s University. And even though they are booked solid through 2011, they were able to make some room and offer Brent a co-headlining show with the California group, Blame Sally.
There’s nothing bad to be said about The Pennsylvania Society of Arts, Music and Literature (PSALM). The venue is in the home of PSALM’s chairman Jamey Reilly and his gorgeous family. Entirely too much could be said about this place, so I encourage all of you to go to the website, check out upcoming shows and read all about the Salon. Performers from all over- local, regional, national and international come here to play the small stage. Comfy red velvet folding chairs cover the first floor, but there are only 60 seats so ordering tickets in advance is certainly encouraged. All performances are recorded live and can be viewed online. Jamey Reilly also interviews each artist before they play. Every full performance is archived for viewing anytime, so exploring the Salon‘s website will help you discover new music at home. Jamey and his family offer up their kitchen during each show where artists socialize and sell their merchandise. You can even purchase a gourmet buffet dinner made specifically for each show by Chef Gatti of Avril Restaurant. And the venue is BYO. As an artist, you’ll love the ‘green room’- the Reilly family’s basement has a comfy couch, a shower, a sauna and plenty of interesting things to look at.
Brent Lindley and Blame Sally were both seriously kick-ass the night of the performance. Even with a few technical difficulties, Brent didn’t stop. Jumping off stage and onto a chair, he performed acoustic and without a mic for the crowd. A place like this is small enough for improvising and getting your voice heard. Blame Sally, fresh from the Philly Folk Fest and a long way from home, gave it their all. Four extremely talented and beautiful female solo artists collaborate with one amazing guy on bass (who was celebrating his birthday that night by donning some Superman briefs) to form this band. Mandolin, banjo, harmonica, accordion…they can play everything. Every performer on stage that night deserved to be seen by all fans of live music in Philadelphia…too bad the crowd wasn’t bigger.
I could name about 100 places around here for musicians to play, but it wasn’t until the power of the internet that I stumbled upon the PSALM Salon. If you love live music, I encourage you all to support musicians and take in a show here. I cannot express enough how perfect this place is and how talented all the performers are who play there. Take a few steps off course next time you’re in the mood to go out and listen to music. Please. Please go here. And please check out the videos of Brent Lindley and Blame Sally’s performances. We need some change in the music scene around this town and I’ve mentioned a few good starts. Take a look around before you go to your usual stomping grounds. Trust me on this one. - Origivation Magazine (Philly's Entertainment Magazine


"Beneath My Sky" LP on

"Vinyl & Wine" EP can be found at



"Brent Lindley is an ex- classical guitarist turned Americana hero. Your eyes & ears will get a dose of dizzying guitar work, superb vocals, and the catchiest songs on the market." The Georgia-based Lindley is a performing poet custom designed for the spotlight, a total madman on stage with a professional presence.

His mother was a career disc jockey who exposed Brent to classic rock at a very young age. Some kids loved candy, but Brent couldn’t wait to dig into his mom & dad’s extensive collection of old dusty vinyl records. It was there he drenched his subconscious with the rootsy rhythms of early rock. This exposure made Brent a natural-born groove hound, especially when he received a guitar for his 14th birthday.

After high school Brent expanded his perspective by studying Classical & Flamenco guitar in college, but that meant Brent had to sit down and play – and this Energetic Elvis-Entrepreneur couldn’t hang with a career of sitting. But this decision was no mistake because it surely shaped his unique touch on guitar.

At age 20 Brent served 4 years in the Air Force to fulfill his need to experience adventure, and as a result his songwriting would significantly deepen. He got honorably discharged with a hunger to be a fulltime, professional musician.

From then on, wherever there’s a stage, there’s Brent to be found growing his fan-base. He is a regular at Nashville's Bluebird Cafe. Today this southern gentleman remains avid in his pursuit of writing the perfect song, telling a good story and putting on a great show