Brent Mitchell

Brent Mitchell


Americana at its best, stylistically diverse, but with a unifying thread of country, folk and blues roots.


Says music critic Tom Geddie: “Just when I was beginning to lose faith in this music scene, somebody has to come along and do this to me - to make me care again. ...There is power in his words, and in his playing.” Brent Mitchell's music is steeped in his own experiences. He grew up a longhaired kid in a Texas town in the Vietnam War years. He lived in his poet father's bachelor pad, and accompanied him most every night from a very young age to jazz clubs, honky tonk dance halls and blues joints. He later dropped out of high school to travel the U.S. on foot. When he got home, he became a cowboy for several years before turning to music full time. He's played every kind of music venue from house concerts to dance halls, and from stage concerts to pubs in England where he played with blues bands and even a band which sometimes played cajun music, sometimes old English folk, and sometimes played as a Latvian folk band. This year his song, "Hand of God,"as sung by Austin's Bonnie Whitmore got a Grammy listing. He has recorded three CDs: Reciting Whitman to the Cows, Fallen Angel Palace, and a new CD that is self titled. He has shared the stage with many well known Texas Americana artists such as Robert Earl Keen, Ray Wylie Hubbard, and Slaid Cleeves, as well as a number of mainstream acts. He travels to Texas frequently, but currently lives between Wisconsin and Oxford, England. Kat Vikars of the Fort Worth radio station, "The Wolf" says it like this: “Brent is magic. His CD is the best representation of Texas music I have ever heard.”


December, Texas

Written By: Brent Mitchell

Broken lines sway from telegraph poles
Words they carried left no traces.
Houses and trucks from stories lost and rusted
No one remembers the faces
Of December, Texas.

They named it right, then they left it
Like a bare tree in the dead of winter,
Downtown December.

Maybe they named the town in summertime
A white-hot noon, sweat salt in their eyes.
Must have been dreaming of a cool, north wind.
Must have been paying for sins
To stay in…

(Repeat Chorus)

Tumbleweeds roll down the dirt road embraced.
Dust devil dies and leaves no trace.
Train rolls by, but it don’t stop here.
Storefronts abandoned to the dust of fifty years.
Black crow perched on a wrecked car fender
Names on tombstones
No one remembers…

(Repeat Chorus)

The Wind

Written By: Brent Mitchell

When I was a child, the wind spoke in my ear
Listen, was mostly all it said
In the cottonwood, through the window screen
It whispered
Listen, was mostly all it said.

And the wind said,“Get up now, and
Come outside with me.
The fields are rolling and flashing in the sun.
The day is full and ripe and round
And everywhere is heard
The turtle dove.”

And the wind said,“Be still now.
Boy be still a while.
You will have all your restless life to roam.
See how I wander never to rest,
And I have no place to call my own.”

A storm fell on Elijah, but he kept his peace.
Elijah saw the fire, still he kept his peace.
The mountain trembled, but Elijah knew
The voice of his Lord
In the murmuring breeze.

Angel of Flesh and Bone

Written By: Brent Mitchell

If I were an angel. I would love you the same,
though you'd never, see me, and never know my name.
And I would watch over you through all of your days,
and never consider my one-sided love to be love in vain.

Some love is written on water, but my love is written in stone.
You are my angel, my angel of flesh and bone.

If I were an angel, I would cradle you in sorrow.
I'd stand by your bed over your sleeping head, 'til your every tomorrow.
And I would whisper I love you.You'd hear my words in your dreams.
Though you'd never know that the lover you heard say he loved you was me.

Some love is written on water, but my love is written in stone.
You are my angel, my angel of flesh and bone.

If I were an angel, I would see you alone. I would see you with lovers
you'd have no secrets that I wouldn't know. In your fear and your pain,
in your most intimate shame,
if I were an angel, I would love you all the same.

Some love is written on water, but my love is written in stone.
You are my angel, my angel of flesh and bone.


Coyote Lullabies (self-produced, 1989)
Reciting Whitman to the Cows (WMP Records, 1997)
Fallen Angel Palace (WMP Records, 1998)
Brent Mitchell (DogTrot Records, 2005)

Radio Play:
"Angel of Flesh and Bone"
"Boy and Dog"
"Child of God"
"Reciting Whitman to the Cows"
"Take Me Back Home"
"Coal Miner's Lung"
"The Well"
"How Now Brown Cow"
"Ticket to Heaven"

Film Credits:
"Angel of Flesh and Bone"
"Take Me Back Home"
"Ticket to Heaven"

Grammy Listing:
"Hand of God" (performed by Bonnie Whitmore)

Set List

"The Well"
"Tyger, Tyger"
"Whippin' Post" (cover, Allman Brothers)
"Angel of Flesh and Bone"
"December, Texas"
"Hand of God"
"The Emerald Miles"
"Cigarettes and Rain"

This is a sample set from a typical three-set performance. Cover tunes are typically blues standards: Howlin' Wolf, B.B. King, Robert Johnson.