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Jazzy Cat, Supa Saucy Slanguage, Hustla and Grina. Tha Truth up in tha Booth while u still Huffin and Puffin. Hard Working and Hard Hitting Brent OGee is a Genius with his rap and rymes!!


Brent Ogee Bio

Brent Ogee (aka Relentless) was born and raised in Washington State and has been making music for over ten years. It all started with a dream and a karaoke machine! In 1996 Brent started writing rhymes and discovered he had a remarkable talent for expressing himself through composition. Brent would spend hour upon hour in his father’s basement writing and recording songs with friends. He thrived on the Bay Area Hip-Hop Scene that included major influences from Tupac, Mac Dre, Andre Nickatina, Devin the Dude and Baby Bash.
In July of 2000 Brent was determined to take his music to the next level and further his education at the Art Institute of Seattle for Audio Production. Brent felt he was limited by money and time restrictions for commercial recording, which lead him to pursue recording his own music. While attending school full time Brent was able to save money by working a part time job this allowed him to slowly build his recording repertoire. This studio equipment allowed him to record his music as well as help him out with his school projects.
Brent Graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle in 2002, he received an Associates Degree in Applied Arts. Shortly after graduating he began working at Guitar Center of Seattle, where Brent learned a lot more about recording equipment. Brent also took up an Internship with Glenn Lorbecki at Glenn Sound Studio in Downtown Seattle. In 2003 Brent started his own independent Record Label called Relentless Productionz and began working on his solo album.
In the summer of 2003 Brent finished his first Demo called “Relentless”. The album included appearances by Leeroy Brown, Philth, and other various artists in the Northwest music scene. Brent found out how difficult it actually was that included the recording, to the mixing, graphics and printing. He also recorded a Demo for another local artist Leeroy Brown.
In 2004 Brent was introduced to the Platinum Producer and Seattle Legend DJ Funk Daddy. Relentless finished his sophomore solo album in just eight months, which put a face to his music that resulted in a lot of exposure from his second album. Packed with catchy phrases and punch lines Relentless delivered a Seattle classic. This gave him the skills and confidence to continue pushing his music to the next level.
Brent has recently been working with many different artists and groups recording several albums while holding down a full time job at LOUD Technologies. While working with Funk Daddy on his sophomore album, Brent has recorded six new albums for various artists in the past year. He has also been featured on a long list of albums with several different artists. Brent’s skills as a writer and engineer, along with his recording company Relentless Productions, are growing and emerging into the Northwest music scene in a big way. Brent is currently working on new albums with Cin’atra, Eddy Boston, Mobb Tyght, The Reallionaires, Mr. Rossi, Mista Spence, Livio, and a list of other Seattle musicians and MC’s.
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1998 - Playboy Brent "Relentless" Rapped, Graphics, Recorded, Mixed
1999 - "The Adventures of Leeroy Brown" Graphics, Recorded, Mixed
2003 - Christan Bros "Heaven or Hell" Graphics, Recorded, Mixed
2004 - The Reallionaires "Night Life" Graphics, Recorded, Mixed
2004 - Eddy Boston "The Mixalation" Graphics, Recorded, Mixed
2005 - Relentless "Unshakable" Rapped, Produced, Mixed
2005 - Album Revies for Unshakable (
2006 - The Reallionaires "Call Me" Recorded, Mixed
2006 - Compilation"The Stew Cooner Show" Rapped, Graphics, Recorded, Mixed
2007 - Eddy Boston "The Mixalation 2" Graphics, Recorded, Mixed
2007 - Mobb Tyght - "The Function" Rapped, Recorded, Mixed
2007 - Brent Ogee - "Spend some Time" Rapped
2007 - Street Sounds - "Franklin Quakaz" Rapped, Recorded, Mixed
2008 - Brent Ogee "Multipule Personalities" Rapped, Recorded, Mixed
2008 - Turf Grindaz "Poundin the Pavement" Rapped, Recorded, Mixed

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I do Party Music, always try to keep the crowed goin DUMB!! Most all of my songs are uptempo GO music!!