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"Brenton Brown Paradise"

“Brenton is an artist that I have been seeing alot of his work for the past couple of months. The one thing that striked my interest in featuring this artist was the cover art that he showcased for his Paradise track. Its very dope for anybody who hasn’t checked it out. Well sit back and enjoy this Formal Introduction on the homie, Brenton Brown. - the rebel society

"Miami New Times"

“Having come back to his native Miami after graduating from the University of Florida, he doesn't let the haters throw him off his quest to be the next big rapper. Signed with new management, he just made a video for his song, "Lemme Know," with Ghostwridah, and it's gotten a lot of blog love.” -

"Brenton Brown Affair Hiphop vibe"

“Much new life has been breathed into hip hop. One of the newer rising stars in the game is Miami rapper, Brenton Brown. In only a few short years, Brenton Brown has built a large fan base through his mixtape releases. As it currently stands, Brenton Brown is working on his upcoming EP, the personal, The Brenton Brown Affair.” -

"Respect this fresh"

enton Brown is killing it right now and I’m sure if your a regular visitor of popular hip-hop sites you had to see his name somewhere! With the soon release of his project “The Brenton Brown Affair” it very possible Brenton’s name will be ringing bells by the end of year. We at got to link with him for an exclusive interview. -


Brenton Brown The Pregame Mixtape

The Brenton Brown Affair Mixtape



The definition of rap's isotope. Brenton Brown, Formerly Boogs Milli, came from the suburbs after a life in Brooklyn, moved to Miami and is now doing his thing at the University of Florida. Don't count him out and don't box him in, because he’s been steadily spreading his music all over Florida and Atlanta’s college campuses. Getting seriously involved in music at the age of 17, Brown's first performance was at his college's major pep rally, Gator Growl. Here he said, the dream became more reality. "the lights came on, and I felt ready, it just felt natural," Brown said. Since his start, he's opened for such artists as David Banner, Bone Thugs, Wale, J. Cole, B.O. B, Kid Cudi, Whole Wheat Bread and Method Man and Redman, and even done a small performance with newbie Asher Roth. Noted for his second mixtape, "The Pregame” Brown gave supporters a look inside college life his way, the ups and downs, the party life and the school aspect. On a collaboration with Gainesville and internet-known producer, Dj Codeman, Brown joined forces with other Gainesville talent to create the “Beat Drop Squad” mixtape which made a nice splash in the hip-hop blips at 17,000 downloads. Well into his senior year of college, he is currently working on his next mixtape “The Wednesday Buzz“ and his album, "The Brenton Brown Affair" which he says will showcase a "graduation" of sorts into his lyrics style and image. "I'm just ready to be heard, so keep your ears open," Brown said.