Brenton Foster Band

Brenton Foster Band

 Adelaide, South Australia, AUS

Described as the love child of John Mayer and Jamiroquai, Brenton Foster Band combines pop sensitivity and sentiment with insatiable grooves and melodies.



Brenton FOSTER – piano, keyboards and vocals
Cam BLOKLAND – guitars and backing vocals
Marty HOLOUBEK – bass and backing vocals
Joel PRIME – drums and percussion

Born in 2009 to showcase the songwriting of its namesake, BRENTON FOSTER BAND has rapidly become Adelaide’s finest up and coming pop-rock outfit, garnering public acclaim from patrons and venues each time they perform.

Leader, Brenton Foster, reflects on the band’s beginnings:

“It was hardly the classic rock and roll tale – that of sweating it out in someone’s garage while writing simple rock songs together. However, the band’s beginnings were no less magical or moving for all of us.”

Having studied music together at Uni, the guys had been performing together for several years before the advent of BRENTON FOSTER BAND, often performing alongside some of the world’s finest jazz and popular musicians visiting Adelaide.

“BRENTON FOSTER BAND was an inevitable progression for me, having grown up listening to pop music (particularly that of Billy Joel, Elton John and Bruce Hornsby to name a few). I was obviously so fortunate to meet such fine quality musicians and friends, who shared the same passion for creating our very own version of the music we had all grown up with.

From the first rehearsal, I knew that the band was something special. The feeling of playing my own songs, and hearing what the guys did with them was really amazing.”

It was always the band’s intention to head to the studio quickly, and in July 2010, BRENTON FOSTER BAND began recording their debut, full-length album YOU SAID with producer Brett Taylor. YOU SAID is set for independent release on December 3, 2010 at the Ed Castle, Adelaide.

This year sees BRENTON FOSTER BAND continue its rapid rise within the Australian music scene. The band plans to tour the East Coast in April-May 2011, as well as performing regularly in Adelaide and Melbourne.

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You Said

Written By: Brenton Foster

You said
We never understand one another
You said
We’re more like friends and less like lovers
So instead
You took another man under the covers
And broke my heart in two

You said
It wasn’t me that made you despise me
You said
That it was something else entirely
What then
Could have stopped us oh so suddenly
From something that was true

‘Cos I don’t know, if it’s not me then what’s the reason
When you know I’m still in love with you
And I’m not satisfied for you to say we’ve changed
For you to say we’re through

Last night
I left with a sudden confusion
Last night
A momentary sense of delusion
Am I right
To think our love was just an illusion
A trick you played on me

‘Cos you just sit there with your charming smile and diamond eyes
And extend your hand to me
But then I wake up and I’m sanitised; I soon realise
That I’m back in my reality

I don’t know if I’ll ever find another
Or if I’ll ever even try
What’s the point when I’m left out undercover
Standing high and dry


Here I Am

Written By: Brenton Foster

Why does it take all of our regret
To finally understand what must change
In light of every circumstance
That has lead us to feel this way

I won’t make any more excuses
I’ve used them all before
And I know just what it produces
So let me say

Here I am, this is me
I hope you like what you can see
‘Cos I don’t mind if you don’t agree
This is the way it’s gonna be

I have learned through all of my mistakes
We live to face another day
And use the lessons that we’ve learned
To overcome the problems that we’ve made

And try to put them all behind us
To open brand new doors
Walk right in and feel the warmth between us
So let me say


If we decide to face today together
And put aside the days we were away
I’m sure we’d have a fine adventure
One with which I know you can relate

Up above the moon and stars
The Sun will breathe new life when we are one
Until that day is yours and ours
Then I’ll be standing here until you come


So Long

Written By: Brenton Foster

Let’s sit down and have a drink or two
I want you to tell me all the when’s and where’s and who’s.
It’s been so long since I have seen your face.
You just can’t expect to fall back into place

Cos I don’t know what you have seen
But I know that you weren’t here before
You can’t ignore me in my time of need.
And you don’t realise that when you go
You leave me here all on my own,
I’m left alone, that’s not how it should be.

So long
I’m so gone my love
I won’t be round no more
I’ll see you when I calm down
Won’t be back again.

When I look back and think of yesterday
I just can’t believe to see how much you’ve changed.
Sometimes I think that I don’t even know you anymore.
And I have to ask, is this the girl I loved before?

Well did you think that I would stay
That I’d stand behind you either way
And disengage from all that I believe.
I understand now I was wrong
To have stayed beside you for so long
And carried on, but now I think I see.


I won’t be knockin on your door
Cos I don’t need you anymore
I used to think but now I’m sure

When you realise
What was in your eyes
All that you despised
I’ll be satisfied
And I won’t care anymore.


YOU SAID is the brilliant new studio album from up and coming Adelaide band Brenton Foster Band.

Recorded in Adelaide in July-October 2010 with super producer Brett Taylor [Special Patrol, Illicit Eve], YOU SAID is a truly refreshing debut release, combining lyric sentiment with melodic sensitivity.

YOU SAID marks its entrance with the opening track, “Here I Am” – an unmistakable statement signaling the introduction of what is undoubtedly one of Adelaide’s finest outfits. The album’s title track and first single, “You Said” is a true representation of what the album is really about – love, and its resulting emotions.

“We really just started with a handful of songs” frontman Brenton Foster says of the album. “Once we were in the studio though, they transformed so organically into a fantastically crafted album. As a songwriter it is amazing to see your original ideas come to life at the hands of such stellar musicians in such a refreshingly dynamic way.”

YOU SAID reels off one hit after another from the highly catchy “Only For The Night” to the funk inspired “So Damn Right”, featuring a guest appearance by arguably Australia’s best saxophonist Chris Soole. YOU SAID’s guest appearances compliment the already outstanding musical performance of band members Brenton Foster, Cam Blokland, Marty Holoubek and Joel Prime.

YOU SAID is a collection of Brenton Foster Band’s finest work to date. “We really just recorded our best bunch of songs,” says Brenton. “All we know now is that we’re all ecstatic about how the album has turned out, and we all think and hope that our audience will be too.”

YOU SAID is set for independent release on December 3, 2010 at the Ed Castle, Adelaide. 2011 will see Brenton Foster Band performing and promoting the album regularly amongst its Adelaide and Melbourne audiences, as well as touring further up Australia’s East Coast in April-May.