Brenton Miles

Brenton Miles

 Springfield, Missouri, USA

We're creating original worship songs that people can relate to and make their own. We're influenced most by too many bands to count, but most importantly by our love and passion for seeing people changed by the power of God that we've experienced first hand.

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Brenton is originally from Springfield, MO. He now lives in Rockford, IL and is a full time singer/songwriter and radio producer. He also assists the worship leadership at Rockford First Church. Brenton’s heart is to see people changed by the presence of God thru worship experiences in music and radio.

Brenton moved to Rockford after his resignation at James River Assembly in Ozark, MO. There, he was the Assistant Worship Pastor for 3.5 years. Before that, he traveled with the Terry Kelley Band as a musician while also working in radio as a producer/on-air voice for KADI-FM & KADI-AM (2003-2006) and KWND-FM (2006-2007). He now continues to produce “The Sunday Morning Drive” a syndicated radio show that airs on Sunday mornings on stations in the U.S.A. and U.K.


"Sounds of Grace" (2010) Full Length
"The Transition" (2011) Digital Single Release
"Reign Over All" (2010) Radio Single
"The Melody" (2010) Radio Single
"I'm Alive" (Coming May 2012) Radio Single

Set List

Different per show/tour