Brent Reed Comedian

Brent Reed Comedian


Christian/Clean, Family Friendly, Heartfelt and non offensive.


Disowned But Not Forgotten
The Brent Reed story

Christian comic and motivational speaker, Brent Reed, has come to discover that God has never let him down or abandoned him. But it took a while for Reed to arrive at this conclusion.

Left on a doorstep not long after he was born, Brent Reed was raised by an elderly couple he came to call his “parents.” His older brother had been kicked out of the house by his real mom and later died on the seal wall in Port Arthur, Texas. When he was 16, Brent, who had been raised in church, told God he did not need Him and would never serve Him. But God had other plans. Brent met, and married, his wife, Melissa, who was 19 at the time. He attributes his 21year marriage to the fact that Melissa, who struggles with anorexia, was, and is, a Godly woman who never gave up on praying for the man God gave her. Brent and Melissa have a son, Brandon, who ran away from home when he was 16 - - and this is just the beginning of the story of how God has continued to use Brent Reed to touch the lives of others.

Brent is amazed how God can use a person found worthless, that nobody wanted, to help encourage a hurting world!

Christian Comedy is one of the fastest forms of outreach in the churches
today! Brent Reed is one of the "Vetreans" of Christian Comedy in the

Brent has used his talent to ministered at many churches across the
country. He has peformed at church banquets, youth events, confrences,
concerts and retreats.

Brent has been blessed to see God use him to bring joy, laughter and
hope to peoples lifes.

Brent does not just use his talent for entertainment, but to see people draw
closer to God!

Brent is a Member of The Christian Comedy Association

Brent travels from Houston, Texas

Set List

1 hour