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Brent Roske

Burbank, California, United States | SELF

Burbank, California, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Acoustic


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While weaving stories of love, separation, and lessons learned via the trials and tribulations that we all go through while attempting to find our place in life singer-songwriter Brent Roske manages to engage us with tale after tale about his personal journeys. With the vulnerability never leaving his voice, he paints a picture with every song, making you feel many a time as though you were there with him sharing this ride. At times you wonder, could all of these tracks be about the same person or is it a combination of people that the songs refer to? Are they all stories that Roske actually lived? Or are they just signs of a rich imagination?

If your answer is that it’s all three then you’re probably correct. Perhaps utilizing his vast experience as an Emmy-nominated Producer/Director, some of Roske’s songs could be the basis for many a screenplay. “Raining in Scotland,” could easily be turned into parts 1 and 2 of a film franchise. Roske also succeeds in giving us a synopsis of sorts of True Romance in “Clarence and Alabama” playing on the dysfunctional dynamic of the film’s main characters’ tumultuous relationship.

Throughout “Live At the Viper Room” you are constantly reminded of those storytellers that came before Roske, including John Stewart, Dave Carter, and Townes Van Zandt– whose primary goal seemed to be to make their songs come alive for their audiences via the emotion evoking lyrics they penned and delivered. For the LA residents (current and former), an almost heartbreaking “Say Good-bye to Hollywood” is included where we’re all instructed that “if you ever make it to Hollywood, you better make sure to rehearse the final scene.”

End scene.


"Brent Roske at the Grammy Museum"

I grew up in the 50's and 60's listening to music ranging from Chuck Berry to Cream and just about everything in between and after. My most recent (and newest) musical exposure occurred on the evening of October 8, 2010 when I had the opportunity to experience the music of Brent Roske. Brent is an emmy nominated writer and director. However, he is also an accomplished musician and performer, and I'm not embarrassed to say..."who knew"? Well, I knew and I now know a good deal more, after spending an evening in the Clive Davis Theater at the Grammy Museum to hear and watch Brent Roske perform.

Simply stated, it was an evening of pure and simple enjoyment. Roske writes his own music, sometimes performing solo and, on occasion, with an accompanying percussionist, just to expand on the sensation of rhythm and tempo. The melodies are not so much basic as sounds that exude a synergy with the often haunting, totally poetic lyrics. And the lyrics are the focus. Brent writes, as he explains in warm conversation with his audience, often from personal experience or observation. He crafts words and phrasing that beautifully parallel the guitar riffs that Brent delivers with an almost effortless ease. On occasion, he will accompany his guitar melodies with the soulful inclusion of a harmonica, which serves to enhance the somewhat ethereal and very personal quality of his music. I often found myself sitting, almost in a meditative state, listening to Brent's performance and exploring the images that Brent's words and music created in my mind.

If you have the opportunity to see Brent perform live, by all means do so. If not, his CD "Brent Roske-Live at the Viper Room" is a more than adequate alternative.

- Jeff Gilbert


'Live at the Viper Room'



Brent Roske is an Emmy nominated director and has been playing music for over 20 years. Recently he's decided to branch out into music, playing packed shows at the Grammy Museum, the House of Blues and the Viper Room. His album 'Live at the Viper Room' is an Amazon best seller and his music video features Oscar winner Richard Dreyfuss and Josh Lebar from HBO's 'Entourage' (watch here: His performance at the Grammy Museum was filmed and will be appearing on NBC in Los Angeles (