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"Dontchya Think Ya Should Know"

I liked the intro right away. You guys have a really original sound here. Just when I think I can put it in a category, it changes! There are really two moods to this song. The more upbeat and modern sounding verses seem uplifting and hopeful. The chorus has more of a classic feel to it. I think that it gives the song a daydreamy feel. Both moods/sections tie in really well together. The rhythm flows throughout the song, which I feel is really important. Everything sounds tight and solid for such a laid back song. I like the brushes on the drums. That was an excellent choice. All of the instrumentation is of high quality. You guys have something great here. Unfortunately, the music industry doesn't usually favor songs that are over 5 minutes long. &@*& the man!! I would recommend cutting your intro even though I really like it. That riff stays underneathe the verses anyway. If you cut it out at the beginning and in that drop section, then you could shorten the song by about 45 seconds. Those were some good and solid vocals and lyrics by the way. I liked the harmony in the chorus also. Overall you have a great song. If you guys sell out some, then you could take the easier shortcut to stardum. Like I said before through, !@!$ the man, keep it real!

Extra Credit: Guitars, Mood.

- BlueCorner
Houston, Texas
December 15th, 2005 -

"Wished You Away"

intersting chords. A sad mood. I like this song for its originality. The singer is not the greatest, but he carries the tune well. I dig the acoustic/vocal with nothing else, makes the songs very simple and keeps the attention on the lyrics. It sounds like you write from the heart and write for your own pleasure more than anyone elses...that's what makes this good and original in my ears.

Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Mood, Originality.

- drumbanga
Jackson Heights, New York
December 14th, 2005 -

"Darker Side of Rose"

I don't know too much about Brent Toland so let's concentrate on what he's about.... Being a fan of all things musical, there is a strain of American folk I have always been a big fan of, that of guy/guitar/song. Obviously Bobby Zimmerman instantly springs to mind because that's what most people think of when they think of American folk. Nope, t'ain't so. Fact is Bob Dylan was always more of a pop performer - even in his straightest folkie days - until he saw the light and started writing REAL folk music. I never really rated him as a guitarist either. Sure he could strum some interesting things but he couldn't dazzle, like say Stephen Stills or other acoustic guitarists. That technical ability is something I've always looked for in what I would call 'great' acoustic guitar players - especially when they combine that technical ability with the talent of creating great, nay memorable, songs. Think about it. One of the many influences Brent cites is also a big favourite of mine, the incredible Leo Kottke. Now there - to my mind - is an incredibly talented, complex guitarist whose technical ability is truly mind boggling. To Brent's eternal, blessed credit he has combined these two strains of music by supplying: a) a good strong song and; b) the technical ability on the guitar to keep it nailed down tight. Not an easy feat by any means yet Brent Toland makes it look oh-so-simple and that is the sign of one dedicated man. Actually even the most cursory listen to this track will show you an artists who knows exactly what he's doing and why he's doing it - and to hell with the commercial world. See, BT is one of those artists who (like me) finds music as necessary as breathing and it shows, big time. Another artist Brent cites as an influence is almost a God to me, Neil Young. Stylistically, Brent shows a lot of that influence although his songs have a tidiness and economy that NY has always steered away from, and again, that is no bad thing. Overall I found myself warming both to this track and this artist in a very short space of time because 1) I do like the genre and 2) no denying quality, ya know what I mean? To be sure, this will not go down too well with the technoheads but for almost anyone who likes a good song, told well you need go no further than this track. I'm keeping my copy of this in a safe place.
Steve Gilmore Soundclick - Steve Gilmore - Soundclick

"Every Day a Holiday"

Brent Toland - Every Day A Holiday Nice! You're awesome! This song makes me feel happy and warm. I'd like to cross my eyes and stick my tongue out at my girlfriend while we're at the beach throwing berries at eachother. You can play guitar too. I dig, very Jerry Garcia Band-ish. This is definitely mood music. I can see exactly what you wanted to do with this song, and you most definitely succeeded. You took the simple way. Pleeasant vocal melody, not cheesy and overdone, plain, honest. You remind me of Jack Johnson a little bit. I like the little slide guitar fills too. I dig. Darker Side Of Rose This song reminds me of this drum circle we used to go to in new orleans. it was at midnight on thursday nights. It took place under this big old electrical thingy, with 4 large cement pillars, which it stood on. And it formed a large square where we'd have flame-eating/flame-juggling hippies, and jugs of wine. And bongs passing. And a few people with guitars, and a few people with voices, and we all moved.... together. This is a singalong kinda song. Another pretty song, happy but yet satirical. Brent, your music creates moods, and makes me think of either memories or future memories. Your music feels familiar, friendly, pure and original. I would like to hear more as soon as possible, as i will definitely burn your music onto cds and tell people about it. Good good stuff, man. I'm glad you asked for a review.
- Soundclick

"Payin' Dues"

I first came across Brent when I reviewed his Darker Side Of Rose track back in March. I was immediately impressed by both his technical ability (he's a guitarist - acoustic) and his dab hand at creating meaningful, passionate tunes that say more than they should be able to. I should also make you aware that Brent operates in a area that has always been of interest to me; that of American folk music, or more precisely the American folk music of the last say 30 years. That much will be obvious to anyone within a bar of the track starting; an acoustic guitar figure that Bob Dylan would kill for, a laconic vocal all underpinned by a standup bass and various percussive devices. In fact, the more times I played the track, the more I got another musical reference. At various times in the execution of the track I was reminded of some of The Grateful Dead's forays into this area. So, you'd have to be a real mullethead to like this then eh? Is that what you are saying Gilmore? Not at all. I would have to concede that point if the material and performance sounded dated but this is where Brent really scores. Both these tracks are fresh, lively and tremendously uplifting - even if the genre is something you'd want to wine and dine before...naaaah, let's not go there. Seriously, if you can see past these stupid genres people keep trying to buttonhole us into you will find a fine musician, well versed in his craft and competent enough to keep it all up in the air at once. A sure sign, in fact, that this musician has indeed been paying his dues. If the artistic references I have mentioned above do things for you I have to admit that I am not stressing them enough, Brent really IS that good. Steve Gilmore
- Steve Gilmore - Soundclick


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Brent Toland’s music reflects a wide range of musical influences – folk, pop, jazz, rock and blues, to name a few -- but his most lasting imprint might come from being raised in Peoria, Ill., quintessential Midwestern river town, forgotten vestige of vaudeville days, nationwide symbol of the everyman. Like all Peorians, Brent grew up with a conflicted heart: the urge to leave the town behind and the urge to explore and celebrate his roots in Average America. Unlike most Peorians, Brent was able to do both. He first picked up the guitar shortly after high school and has not traveled far without one since. He spent periods of his early adulthood in the Air Force, in and out of college, in and out of marriage, working as a janitor, a delivery driver, a day trader, a bartender -- all of which yielded him a more-or-less worthless degree in finance, an appreciation for the perfect song, and a guitar case that’s been bruised and scuffed in ways that give a man insight. Through it all, he's performed. A lot. Bars, clubs, at open mics, as a member of a band, solo. But always his own music, written with a strong, uncomplicated love for the craft of songwriting. Today, Brent makes his home in Chicago, where he lives with his loving girlfriend and a poorly behaved dog. He can be seen performing at various venues throughout the city.