Brent Wilkinson

Brent Wilkinson


Brent Wilkinson is a unique acoustic guitarist who has an innate ability to relate to melody and rhythm. His compositions range from having a driving intensity to being fluid and relaxed but most of all are enjoyable to listen to.


Brent Wilkinson is a solo artist who writes enjoyable acoustic compositions with a distinct creativity and style. Born in Louisville, KY he was influenced early by the music he was surrounded by. From jazz, folk, rock and jam band, Brent's inspiration draws from many styles. His sensitivity to melody and rhythm set him apart from the average guitarist. People connect to his outwardly simplistic style but with further attention find a deeper musical intellect that is distinct to his songs.


"Acoustic Bridge" - 2004

"Circadian"- Winter of 2006

Set List

Two to three 45 minute instrumental sets.

Set list includes mostly originals with a couple of covers for the crowd...
Reflections, Philia, Azure, Crash, Light in My Life, In My Palm, Valley Jam, All Along the Watchtower, The Isle, and Circadian.

Covers: (Bob Dylan, Tupac Shakur, Dave Matthews, and others...)